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Karmic Love Affairs, Soulmates, TwinFlames, Past Life Loves. Those Answers That You Can't Seem To Find. Life Can Be Strange And Inexplicable. Looking For That Light In The Darkness. Seeing The Truth Of Your Situation.
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Energy Reader. Please Read Profile Before Calling Or Chatting. This Is Important. Please Note: First names, birthdates, and relationship status are required for All Readings.

Love Relationships can bring us our Greatest Happiness and sometimes take us to the depths of despair. I can and will help you navigate the sometimes difficult and delicate affairs of the heart. ❤️

If you are looking for Authentic Answers to those sometimes treacherous emotions of the heart, then you have come to the Right Place. Love ebbs and flows as the tides of the Earth. Emotions are ruled by the Moon. Our bodies are over 70% water. Your emotional strength will prove whether your love is real or not. True Love stands the tests of time, which is ruled by Saturn, the Great Teacher of the Zodiac.

Some people are looking for love, others are getting over a broken heart. Whatever you are looking for, I can point you in the direction that you are supposed to be going in to find your greatest happiness.

Throughout life, we look for that perfect someone, hoping we've found them in the person we love today. But sometimes we must keep looking because our hearts know that our Mr. or Mrs. Right is out there somewhere. I know this because I found my Mr. Right and I can help you find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. I know all the signs and signals and you'll know it too when you find them.

Let me be your guide on your road to Finding and Keeping the Right One for You.

I started my paranormal studies after Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was performed on me in 1987. My heart had stopped beating from an accidental suffocation. After this Near Death Experience (NDE) I became interested in the afterlife and all things associated with it. I had always been Psychic, knowing things others did not know and telling them sometimes when it was necessary, but mostly keeping it to myself as I watched it unfold.

My dreams gave me premonitions of future events. I trusted my instincts and avoided things that were dangerous. I was cautious and level-headed for the most part. The night of my NDE, I felt terror for the first time, yet I ignored it that night, I was destined to die that night.

When I came back, I started seeing Angels. I sought more information and studied Astrology and the Bible, the Torah and all Hidden Knowledge and the Esoteric, Tarot Cards and the Language of the Spheres. I am a Christian with a deep connection to the Divine. I know there is a God, and I know that Angels are real and they are His Messengers.

I have immense Spiritual Energy and I call upon my Angels strongly, so strongly that they even appear in the sky. I connect to your Angels through your energy and they tell me about you and your situation. If I tell you something, please listen. It is why you are calling me, to listen to what I have to tell you, what your Angels want you to know. Your Angels are always protecting you and looking out for you, even when there isn't any physical evidence, they are there nonetheless.

I am the Zodiac Sign of Libra. That means that I am very much a relationship oriented person and help bring people together. I have Gemini rising which makes me quick and succinct. I speak very quickly and answer all of your questions. My Moon is in Capricorn, so I take the upmost responsibility in my job. I feel responsible for my clients and do my best to make sure that they get what they need when they have a reading with me.

Tarot Psychology, Astrology and Angel Guides are just a few ways I read your situation. If there is a very deep and serious question about the outcome, you will get the answer. Please don't be afraid to hear the truth of your situation. Sometimes what we fear is the doorway to something better that we can't see yet.

I Lived by the Sea near a Vortex where there was much Spiritual Energy. The Ley Lines Enhanced My Inherited Psychic Abilities. Channeling Heavenly Messages from Above. I Am An Authentic 3rd Generation Psychic.
Approach to Topics
Authentic 3rd Generation Psychic I will Light a Candle and Incense for your Angels and for your Protection.

In 1987 I Was Accidentally Suffocated I Was Brought Back By CPR, While On The Other Side, Which Was Lonely And Misty Gray At First And Then Turned Into The Most Beautiful Sky I Had Ever Seen. I Encountered My Guardian Angel And Heard The Voices From Beyond.

This NDE Opened The Door To My Hidden Psychic Senses. I SEE YOUR ANGELS.

Channeling Heavenly Messages from Above. I Am An Authentic 3rd Generation Psychic.

Please take a deep breath before you call. I connect with your angels. They tell me what is surrounding you. Please listen to what I have to say. I will only tell you the truth. And that is all I will tell you. The truth is sometimes difficult to hear. But it is the truth that will set you free.

What I Can Do For You:

1. Give you an accurate appraisal of your situation.

2. Tell you the things that you may not be aware of that are going on behind the scenes.

3. Let you know their True Feelings in spite of appearances to the contrary.

4. Tell you what they are capable of doing about said feelings.

5. Let you know if they will do something about how they are feeling or if they will take no responsibility for the situation and just let things drag on as they are.

6. Understand that you are only consulting with me because you need to know for sure so you can make the right decision/choice about the relationship.

7. I will tell you if there is someone else on the horizon and if they will fulfill your needs better than the Person of Interest.

8. Convey messages to you from those loved ones who have passed and who wish to speak to you.

9. Let you know what Your Higher Selves, as revealed through the Tarot Cards, wish you to know for your own good.

10. Tell you what Celestial events are taking place that will influence your life and affairs.

11. Look at your birth chart and your POI's charts in order to see what the dynamics of your relationship are.

12. See the Past Life Connections and Twin-Flame (hyphen for the true Twin-Flames are connected by a Silver Cord) connections and Soulmate connections if they are present.

13. Only answer questions according to the listing categories, i.e., Love & Relationships: Relationship Questions Only. Tarot Readings: All Questions. Medium Readings: Otherworld Connections, Etc. This way the energies won't get confused, because I am prepared to answer the questions according to the categories. It is very disorienting when one asks about job and career when I am tuned into relationship dynamics.

14. I give you answers to your specific questions and then if you wish to chat/talk more, you can. I am succinct and clear in what I convey to you.

What You Can Do For Me:

1. Listen to what I say.

2. Understand that if there were a different answer, you wouldn't be getting the one that I have to give you.

3. Know that timeframes are not really something that is exact. If you want a timeframe, then you will have to give or take a few weeks if it is to happen at all, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes if the question is "Will he or she" or "Am I going to do this or that" then you will get a definite no or yes. That is sometimes the best that timeframes get.

4. I don't mind quick calls, after all, time is money. I value it, you value it, so let's not waste it.

There comes that moment in life where we all lose faith and wonder what’s it all for. Oh ye of little faith. Well, I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad it looks now, it will get better. Even if your fears come true... it does get better. Because the only constant in life is change and change is what enables this Universe to continue on. Whether you pass through this life to the next, You will continue on, and so will your hopes and dreams for betterment of yourself and Your Eternal Life.

Many Blessings from Your Angels and Your Heavenly Father Above.
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