5 Ways to Win Over the Heart of a Scorpio Man

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With his debonair charm and stoic intensity, the Scorpio man is hard to resist. However, he is also prone to having limited attention spans when the subject doesn’t interest him. So, what does it take to capture the passion of a man who doesn’t exactly wear his heart on his sleeve? Here are five ways to improve your compatibility with Scorpios.

1. Embrace Mysteriousness

Much of a Scorpio’s charm comes from his mysteriousness. He tends to reveal himself in small increments, leaving others wanting to know more about him. Likewise, those pursuing a Scorpio should show a similar reserve when getting to know a Scorpio.

2. Modest Presentation

Typically, Scorpio men are attracted to women who leave something to the imagination. Both in dress and demeanor, the less one reveals, the more provocative they appear.

3. Be Faithful

Despite his confidence and calm outward demeanor, the Scorpio is easily incited by jealousy. In pursuing a relationship with a Scorpio man, be careful to avoid excessive flirtation with other men, or risk a temper-tantrum.

4. Be Confident

Scorpios appreciate those who are in control of their lives and respect themselves. However, they can also feel threatened by dominance. 5. Be Patient Scorpio men spend a great deal of time in their heads. While ultimately one hopes to break down that barrier, give him time to adjust to having another presence in his life.

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