Everything You Need to Know About the Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of a Red Dragonfly

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The universe is vast, beautiful, and perfect in its intricate design. For thousands of years, people all over the world have read into signs, omens, symbols, and dreams. Symbolism has always carried spiritual meaning to people worldwide. Over time, many of these have been found to resonate similar meanings and the fascinating thing is when cultures far and wide come up with similar symbolism. For instance, rainbows have synonymously been associated with hope, luck, and new beginnings worldwide since ancient times. Other people have felt eclipses—like solar eclipses—were the eye of a dark god and brought foreboding messages. Specific creatures—birds, insects, mammals, fish—weather patterns—thunderstorms, wind storms, blizzards—natural phenomena—tidal waves, quicksand—star formations and beyond all carried hidden meanings. One particular rare creature—a red dragonfly—has fascinated and captivated people everywhere. Join us as we dive into the hidden meanings and symbolism of the red dragonfly. Want to learn more about spirit animals or the red dragon meaning? Consult with one of our gifted psychics, intuitives, or healers to better understand the red dragonfly spirit animal. Book a session today!

What is a spirit animal? Are spirit animals real?

For a very long time, people have identified with having a spirit animal. Spiritualists and mystics felt that spirit animals are symbolic representations of one’s personality, soul, and connection to nature. While some people identify with the symbol of their zodiac sign—like Taurus aligning with the bull or Pisces relating to the fish—spirit animals are often individually chosen depending on where someone feels they are in their life journey. Spirit animals can be taken on as a metaphor for one’s personality. For instance, someone who is fierce and aggressive may feel they connect with a creature that embodies these traits: a cougar, shark, killer whale, or other predator. Someone who is freedom loving may choose a bird or insect: ladybug, eagle, falcon, hummingbird, or a bat. An individual who connects to their sensitivity may pick a fish, dolphin, otter, or deer. However, sometimes people choose a spirit animal because they want to call upon it for protection or to harness the animal’s traits. Just like the examples above, if someone wants to increase their ferocity and assertiveness they may choose a cougar, shark, killer whale, or other predator. If someone wishes to increase their sense of spontaneity and freedom, they may choose a bird or insect: ladybug, eagle, falcon, hummingbird, or a bat. If someone wants to work on their sensitivity, they, too, may choose a fish, dolphin, otter, or deer.

How do you find your spirit animal?

You can connect to a spirit animal in a few different ways. Consider listing the traits of your personality that you exhibit and then find an animal that matches those, too. You can also choose a spirit animal that inhabits the kinds of traits you wish to embody so are calling on these characteristics to be built within yourself.

To build a relationship with your spirit animal, consider using meditation. Some people may incorporate prayer, journaling, creating vision boards, and using sound trances to align more significantly with their spirit animal. If you are open to utilizing cards, like Oracle decks, these may help you, as well. However, if you are able to go out into nature, you may find a better connection to your chosen creature. Last, consider keeping a figure or totem of your spirit animal. This can be a physical creation, photo, or even jewelry that you wear. This way you are consistently reminded of your spirit animal’s energy and can feel their presence. Call on them. Hear their voice. They will run energetically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually through you! The spirit animals want to be called!

What is the meaning and symbolism of a dragonfly? What is the dragonfly meaning and dragonfly symbolism?

Dragonflies are very popular spirit animals because they can be found worldwide. On a general, collective level, many people consider the dragonfly to represent change and new revelations in self-progress and self-realization. Dragonfly energy symbolizes that someone is resourceful and a master manifestor. You could be on the cusp of a new project, relationship, journey, or change and have the tools to embrace the evolution and reach a successful beginning, middle, and conclusion. Other times a dragonfly could mean that you are being pushed out of your comfort zone and should make a change, instead, and it is key to look at where you are and where you’d still like to go. Trust this flow. You are ready for the next chapter. The dragonfly reminds us to connect with life. However, if you see a dragonfly, regardless if it is a yellow dragonfly, black dragonfly, blue dragonfly, green dragonfly, or beyond, you must embrace change and change direction. This flying insect symbolizes transformation. The messages are clear. The dragonfly spiritual meaning is encouraging you your connection to the spiritual and spiritual growth. Many cultures around the world have also seen that the dragonfly brings spiritual exploration and is a symbol of good luck. Divine energy is manifested before you and the dragonfly encourages you to get in touch with it!

If you choose a dragonfly as a spirit animal, you are ready for spiritual transformation and change! The dragonfly is a symbol that is bold, filled with ancient wisdom, and aids you in fully awakening your spiritual energy and spiritual beliefs. The spiritual realms are whispering. A spiritual journey is now set before your feet!

Many people like to honor this creature with a dragonfly tattoo. This way, you are drawn more closely to this creature. Also, consider the dragonfly color if you are to ready to align more significantly. Luckily, you can know the dragonfly tattoo meaning that you place upon it because the dragonfly is a reminder and the dragonfly is a symbol of your great power and ability to create the life you have always wanted.

What does a red dragonfly symbolize and mean? What is the red dragonfly meaning?

Red dragonflies are extremely rare—so seeing one is a blessing in itself. It means you have been chosen! Instead, if you are choosing a red dragonfly as a totem animal or spirit animal, it means you are ready to embrace great passion, adventure, and your greatest life journey and authenticity. Remember: symbolism can bring us great insight into life and ourselves. If you see a red dragonfly, you’re tapping into spirit guide, your chakra, and spirituality! 

Red, as a color, can also represent love, romantic love, passion, intensity, and courage. You could now be channeling these energies or very soon will be! Also, it is important to recognize that transformation and opportunity are being offered to you at this point in time in your life, so even if you cannot yet see it, it is crucial to open up your eyes and look at everything from a new perspective. If seeking love—to grow in a present relationship or find a new one—this also could be the fated message of a red dragonfly.

What kinds of red dragonflies and red dragonfly populations are there?

Many kinds of red dragonflies exist. They are:

  • Desert firetail 
  • Neon skimmer 
  • Roseate skimmer
  • Red-tailed pennant
  • Cardinal meadowhawk
  • Scarlet skimmer
  • Ruby meadowhawk
  • Cherry-faced meadowhawk
  • Red saddlebags 

What is the spiritual meaning of a red dragonfly?

Red dragonflies are harbingers of news. They are telling you that you are ready for spiritual evolution and growth. However, that journey may not be easy, and like the red color that it possesses, you will need drive, passion, and courage to get to where you are meant to be. You must not be afraid and trust that the universe will not give you more than you can handle. The key is to keep an open mind, be confident, and know you are meant for great things ahead, no matter what the universe throws at you.

What is the romantic meaning of a red dragonfly?

Red dragonflies can be a symbol from an ancestor, spirit, or angel that love is here. If single, you must know that the greatest love you are looking for is already out there looking for you. However, you can’t just sit back and expect it to come to you. You must make yourself into the best version of yourself in all ways in order to attract this next great romantic partner. But they are out there and also thinking of you!

If you are in a relationship, it can mean that your love life together is about to heat up and grow. If things have been rocky, this is a sign that things should be improve or that you must strike now to take action and move through the turbulent waters. Love is an action and you must devote solid effort, time, affection, and desire to keep the spark lit. Regardless if you’ve been together mere weeks or months or many decades, the red dragonfly is telling you to unlock the fire of love in your heart. You can move mountains with courage, passion, and adventure, so the time is now to engage with this energy.

Can you hire a specialist to help you work with a red dragonfly spirit animal?

Here at, we specialize in working with some of the world’s most renowned spiritual practitioners, psychics, and intuitives. Book a session today and learn more about the Pisces energy and Pisces spirit animal!

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