Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and cancer don't have natural chemistry.

While all zodiac sign pairings can work with a bit of effort, the connection between Cancer and Aquarius will feel like just that: hard work. Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is tough because both signs are very focused on their own needs and worldview but their approaches are opposing.

However, if each partner is willing to put in the work and respect each other’s interests, there is a chance for Aquarius and Cancer union.

Ruled by the Moon and a Cardinal Water Sign, Cancer will need to find communion with Aquarius, Fixed Air ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Hint: It won’t come easy.


Score: 1/5

Cancer and Aquarius have very different perspectives on sex, trust, and vulnerability. 

Cancers are sensitive and emotional. They believe intimacy is more important than the physical act of sex. This means more focus on sensuality, cuddling, and warmth. They’re slow to open up, especially if they fear judgement. 

On the other hand, Aquarius are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They’re known to push boundaries, crave new experiences, and enjoy sex as an exploration of the mind and body. Because Aquarius is a Fixed sign, they have trouble looking outside of their own liberal views about sex. 

Cancers can be slow, and Aquarians like to take it fast. This incompatibility could lead to difficulty with intimacy and fulfillment. To make this connection work, Cancers must take a step back to think more about sex and Aquarians need to get better at feeling for their partner.


Score: 3/5

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is good in this department, because each have strong attention to detail and the power to turn an idea into reality. This drive and ability to compromise to reach success are two big things they have in common. 

However, both are very opinionated. Expect heated disagreements, especially if Cancer becomes invested in a specific outcome. Often, Cancers are overly emotional, while Aquarians are overly rational. 

Both are active thinkers, but might jump to conclusions if a wedge has already been growing. In order for the partnership to work, it’s key for both people to recognize each other with respect and acknowledge the uniqueness of their partner’s ideas. This can set up good communication and a sense of closeness.


Score: 1/5

The most difficult way for a Cancer and Aquarius to connect is emotionally. Both zodiac signs feel strongly, but approach emotions very differently.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the most emotional of all zodiac signs. They crave stability and consistency. They’re highly intuitive, empathic, and sensitive. Emotional connection is a top priority in their relationships. 

They look at relationships as an investment and don’t let others in until they can be trusted. They can become deeply hurt if something offends them and, like a crab, they won’t let things go. 

Aquarians are highly intellectual and might be disturbed by a Cancer’s intensity. The emotional expectations might be too much for an Aquarian. 

In order to make this connection work, the two would need to be very communicative and take time to build trust. 


Score: 2/5

Cancer and Aquarius philosophies are also very different. 

Cancers are highly traditional. They value home and family over everything and live conservatively. 

On the other hand, Aquarians, ruled by Uranus, are the innovators and rebels. They want new experiences, technology, and ideas. 

Cancers crave a stable nest, while Aquarians want new horizons and freedom. While these visions are hard to negotiate, the two can teach each other a lot about the world. By indulging each other’s interests and giving the other time to recharge, they can have both stability and adventure.


Score: 3/5

For a Cancer and an Aquarius, a platonic connection is probably the most compatible. Cancer and Aquarius friendship is great, because both zodiac signs are loyal and devoted to people they respect. 

While Cancers prefer to ground themselves at home or in nature, Aquarians are drawn to more eccentric life experiences. But this difference can help both step outside of their comfort zones. 

Cancer can offer a homey, soft touch, while Aquarius can promise spontaneity and adventure when it is needed.

Overall Score: 2/5

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