Aries and Leo Compatibility

An Aries and Leo love being together.

Aries falls under the cardinal modality, meaning people who have this sign are dynamic, actionable go-getters. They’re associated with the element of fire, representing action and creativity—just like Leos. However, they are a fixed modality, meaning they are determined, reliable, and persistent. What does Aries Leo compatibility look like in the love and relationship department? Read on to find out. 

1. Passion: 5/5

An Aries-Leo relationship is full of passion on a romantic and sexual level. They have similar preferences and take each other seriously. For example, both signs are strong and passionate, which leads to great fiery sexual connection but equally fiery fights. 

They have a sexual connection that won’t fizzle out over time since they are both abundant sources of energy. The biggest blocker to a great Aries and Leo sex life is their stubbornness. One bad fight can kill the mood, so both need to be careful to mind their feelings.

2. Communication: 3/5

At the beginning of their relationship, conversations will be lively and full of respect and admiration. As the relationship grows, so will their emotional connection. Unfortunately, this pair often speaks hurtful words without thinking. Even so, they typically get over their fights quickly, moving on to the kiss and make-up phase.

3. Emotions: 4/5

Both signs are ruled by the element of fire, which is linked to pure, passionate, and playful love. Aries and Leo always understand each other’s emotional state, even if one person wants to distance themselves from the other occasionally. 

4. Beliefs: 5/5

These two value one another’s ability to be clear and concise. However, because they’re both natural born leaders, sometimes they can butt heads about who is in the driver’s seat. Still, their mutual understanding for the passionate nature and determination they share will help solve any problem that stands in their way to create a solid foundation for a long-lasting, trusting relationship. 

Although they aren’t the most romantic signs, they are passionate about their beliefs. When they find love, they will fight for it until the end.

5. Friendships: 4/5

While they’re a passionate duo, Aries and Leo also make good friends. They have similar interests yet also respect one another’s differences, a sign of a healthy friendship. Still, their egos can get in the way. It’s as though they both have to prove something to each other. 

Overall Relationship Compatibility Score: 4/5

The relationship between Aries and Leo is full of passion, so fighting is part of the norm. When they are deeply in love, nothing can separate their desire to stay together for the long haul —even an occasional sharp tongue sparked by the Fire element they share. As long as there’s love, faithfulness, and honesty between them, they’ll be able to find a way to enjoy their arguments and the kiss and make-up phase. 

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