Aquarius Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Aquarius Man Leo Woman

Aquarius men and Leo women are karmic love partners in the zodiac for all the right reasons. For astrological signs, your best matches are frequently opposing signs that happen to share your core values. As extreme optimists as well as extreme extroverts, it is nearly impossible to bring down the moods of this star-crossed pair. The desire for all things fun and exciting often brings out the childish side of both Aquarius men and Leo women. Aquarius men thrive when there are no limits, and Leo women simply aren’t interested in being a hardliner. The result is unrestrained happiness with no one around to chide or judge them for their actions. Individuals who possess what you lack or who are fearless where you are fearful are very attractive. There are no other matches that this holds true for more than a Leo and Aquarius pairing.

Basic Compatibility

Shared values are what makes a good relationship a great one, and for the Aquarius man and Leo woman, there is no shortage of them – making them quite compatible. The innate desire to help those in need and a drive to do good shines brightly in the lioness and water bearer. Helping people is at the top of the list for an Aquarius man and he has no greater drive than this. Meanwhile, Leo women are self-focused, but their generosity and kindness remain the primary traits that guide their good-natured behavior. Aquarius men prefer not to put themselves in categories of dominant or submissive. He prides himself on being unique and independent and views labels as just another stifling restriction. Personality traits may completely vary from one Aquarius to the next, but they all will find it attractive if you spend the time it takes to get to know them. Both signs are known for their intelligence, so there is unlikely to be much they can’t appreciate together.

Leo women are rather straightforward, fun friends, and a steady supply of attention is really all she needs to blossom. She has a fierce desire for leadership, but that can be suppressed as long as she feels more important than everyone else. Aquarius men are far too independent to be bothered by feeding her ego to a reasonable level. As value-driven intellectuals, they understand everyone has needs, and you can’t fault them for their natures. Being a lover of freedom for all, he has no desire to tame her and simply enjoys being along for the ride in her close circle. The lust and desire of a Leo woman may push too soon for the thoughtful Aquarius to handle. In this, a Leo will find him stubborn, for he will not compromise on his desires to wait and enjoy the freedom of noncommittal life just a bit longer.

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Love And Relationships

Aquarius men and Leo women function so well together because they can benefit from working as a team. For example, joining her water bearing partner in his humanitarian activities will satisfy Leo’s need to be generous, kind, and, of course, appreciated. In the same token, the lioness’ ability to draw crowds and friends ensures the Aquarius man is never lonely, bored or deprived of opportunities for stimulating conversation. Friendships come easily but getting an Aquarius to take the plunge into a marriage can be quite the challenge. He must be assured he will still have his freedom and comes with a big sign stating “as-is.” In exchange, he will view her as an equal, just as he views everyone else. He simply struggles to coexist in a relationship where he is forced to lead or follow.

As a thinker, it is much harder for an Aquarius to allow himself to be sucked away into the spontaneous, lusty fires of his Leo partner. When that wall is breached, however, passion is strong and enduring. It is words that often turn him on, as opposed to the very physical nature of Leo. This does not mean doom and gloom for their sex life, but it will mean the lioness will have to do as she does best, lead the way. For all the fight an Aquarius man may put up to avoid committing, once he does you can rest assured it will be lasting. He is loyal and loathes dishonesty and secrecy. He makes no decisions lightly and remains an open book ready to be discovered by his loving partner.

Working Together

Aquarius men are very much independent and like doing things their own way. Their intelligence can occasionally cause them to be condescending to coworkers if they firmly believe other suggestions are substandard. As they do like helping others, both teamwork and solo projects are tackled with fervor as long as the work is interesting enough. In all things, Leo women desire leadership and recognition. She hungers for glory first and foremost, not actual power. Her natural desire to be kind and fair prevents her from abusing her power, so she makes a good fit for a leadership position. Heavy criticism will strike both of these signs equally hard and flaring tempers are not an uncommon result.

The water-bearer and the lioness fit neatly together like two pieces of a puzzle. While they both have their faults, forgiveness is easily given for this passionate pair. Aquarius men require some work to get to long term, but there are few men on earth that can resist the charm and grace of a Leo woman. In this match, the benefits far outweigh any negatives, and the pair will find it easy to keep the peace when both are non-dependent. Leo women are wild and untamed, and freedom-loving Aquarius men are happy to let them stay that way. The team effort approach to life is good for them both and can result in a very happy and healthy relationship.

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