What Does it Mean to Be an Aries?

Aries-born tackle life, love, and their individual passions with a fierce intensity that is unmistakably ram-like. It often isn’t hard to find out what makes an Aries man or woman tick, simply look for what gets their blood pumping. In the world of the ram, there is often little time for indecision and careful thought as the sooner you get moving, the sooner you shall find victory and whatever else you were searching for. Whether you realize it or not, deep down, it’s an Aries thing. What others decry as detrimental impulsivity, has served you well more times than you can count, and that is ultimately all that matters. The presence of competition is typically all that is needed to get your attention, and you may find yourself struggling to hold yourself back from challenges no matter how insignificant. Your sign is one of power and domination, and while some of you may favor passive displays of strength, most choose an in-your-face approach to everyday life. Delve deeper into the world of the ram and find out just what it means to be an Aries and why you should be proud.

Mythology And Facts About The Competitive Aries

If your birth date falls between March 21st and April 19th, you join a long line of Aries men and women, including: Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Maya Angelou. The mythology of Aries is considered both tragic and complicated, but it ultimately ends well. Aries was essentially a golden winged ram who saved a boy named Phrixus from his stepmother who sought to have him killed. In the end, Phrixus sacrificed the ram, returning him, in thanks, to the gods – who promptly created the constellation Aries. The connection between the myth and Aries-born is both that of the fearless hero and one of superiority. A ram capable of flight and speech, with fleece made of gold, has no match in the entire world and, yet, he would risk his life to help another. Now, many inquire about the similarities between Aries the ram and Ares the god of war, who just so happens to harbor many Aries characteristics. In truth, the only times these myths intersect is that the preserved golden fleece from the flying ram was left in a sacred Ares grove for protection.

Aries Traits and Behaviors

Aries men and women are ambitious, independent, and passionate. You can be sure that anything rams fight for is something they care very strongly about and, at that moment in time, it is everything. Giving up or giving in are not phrases in the vocabulary of an Aries. While other signs may seek to avoid confrontation or needless fights, Aries simply doesn’t believe in taking a step back. In the pursuit of love, both male and female Aries hold nothing back, doing their best to impress in the areas where they are strongest. Rejection is often ignored in the hope that raw determination will ultimately pay off. An Aries man or woman partner may be as possessive as a dragon guarding treasure if they feel someone has eyes for the love of their life. Despite the tendency to lead with their horns in all things, rams are very intelligent, organized, and capable individuals. They excel in the workplace and rarely need any prodding or encouragement to handle responsibilities or a demanding workload.

Of course, life as an Aries is not all sunshine and roses, and there are challenges that the sturdy ram would do well to tackle. To some Aries-born life can appear very black and white, the conquerable and the conquered. For example, some long-term relationships may lose their passionate intensity if it begins to feel like there is nothing left to win or strive for. In other situations, the need for recreational or hobby competition can overrule all else, leading to a neglected family life. Rams may feel unfairly labeled as lacking patience or temperamental when they simply lack the experience with situations they can’t brute force their way to success. The average Aries moves only one way: forward and fast. Overall, they make exceptional leaders, dependable friends, and dangerous adversaries.

Aries Guidance and Needs

Every Aries seeking to make life easier and less troublesome should strive to recognize that not everything is a competition. The drive to compete and conquer simply does not mesh well with the more simplistic areas of life such as making your partner happy or being a good parent. In these situations, you must remove yourself from your horned head, which has served you so well, and consider the needs of those around you. In any serious relationship, you need to communicate your need for independence clearly. Many people can go 24/7 in the presence of others without so much as a break and adore a certain level of clinginess. You are not one of them. Recognize your often insatiable sex drive for what it is, and avoid dragging extremely incompatible partners along for a ride that will likely end in cheating or heartbreak.

Take pride in your lesser known traits such as steadfast commitment, absolute honesty, and a take-me-as-I-am approach that doesn’t offer more than you can deliver. You have the golden fleece and are one of a kind, but do make sure you put your ego to good use. Libra men and women are your true karmic match, but your open-minded personality is compatible with many signs. A Libra woman or man match will often ensure you get the alone time you need as Libras strive to be fair and understanding partners. Leo men and women also make a great choice for those who like a little friendly competition within their relationship. A Leo woman or man will playfully fight for who claims the attention of others but doesn’t care enough to truly squabble about other things. Finding your ideal partner is a challenge in itself, but one you will tackle gracefully like all challenges. In the end, you will define who you are as an Aries and your own success with your actions. If you seek to leave a mark in history or a memory in the minds and hearts of your loved ones, you most certainly will.

Aries-born make some of the most powerful leaders out of all the zodiac signs and this power can be used for both good or ill. The raw determination, bravery, and fiery drive that powers every ram make them unforgettable friends and irreplaceable lovers. While it may appear effortless, they worked very hard to become the charming, skilled, and passionate people that others envy. To be an Aries is to look the impossible in the face and achieve it, even if the only person around to witness it is yourself. The world is yours and all others are simply guests there to witness your feats.

This article provided a glimpse into the average Aries man or woman, but it is not the end of the road of self-discovery. For those who have interest in a more personal touch and individual guidance, consider a online psychic reading by one of the many highly-rated advisors on Keen today.

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