Asteroid Astarte Astrology: Everything You Need to Know

Asteroid Astarte flying overhead

 Astarte isn’t well known in the astrological community. However, that is about to change. As a sister of Venus who represents passion and possessiveness in romance, she is someone who you do not want to mess with. Instead of being frothy and sweet, Astarte can be rough and tough. Think of her as Venus without the filter or desire to make nice with everyone who she interacts with. 

Who is the asteroid Astarte?

Astarte is asteroid number 672 in the sky. and all the zodiac signs, she represents the need and desire for comfort. In terms of physical and sexual necessities, she is one who Volks passion and likes to have intense sexual encounters. She is a person who knows what she wants and doesn’t settle for anything less than that. Confident and self-assured, this asteroid allows us to see our strengths and helps us avoid engaging in our weaknesses.

Astarte in Transit 

Whenever we see this asteroid in transit by aspecting our personal birth charts or planets in our birth charts, it signifies a time of a man’s power. This asteroid isn’t one who takes matters lightly, it is known to be a fierce and strong force in the cosmos. And also signifies the time in which we will want to take a step back and prioritize our own needs over others. If you were one who gives your time generously, this means he will focus on what makes you slowly happy at this moment. 

Astarte in Astrology 

Astarte is the fierce sister of Venus in astrology. While Venus is free loving and indulgent, Astarte is and then to be more intense and passionate. She is one who will always put herself first, opposed to her sister who is extremely generous and lighthearted. Astarte represents the different and darker themes of female spirituality and sexuality as she’s the shadow side to Venus, who stole her thunder and remains a popular beautiful goddess.

Astarte in Love

This passionate and fiery asteroid can make people act very dominant and possessive in relationships. In matters of the heart, they tend to use sex as their weapon in order to attain what they want from their partner, also as a way to manipulate situations. Not only that, but this asteroid can easily create jealousy in relationships as both parties will feel the need to control each other in order to get what they want.

Astarte in Life

Astarte Is known to be self-centered. This isn’t a placement of someone who loves others freely, it more so depicts a person who is conceited and narcissistic. By putting themselves first, Astarte is able to attain every single goal that is desired. Through their passionate nature, this asteroid yields the desire and energy to make a great life for themselves on their own terms, no matter what anyone says or who stands in their way.

Astarte in Health

Astarte represents someone who has a healthy life and a strong body. This asteroid denotes A person who has the capacity to heal themselves through any adversity or obstacles that come their way. Some think of this asteroid as being a witch because they are able to heal and mend problems that exist within their bodies due to their strong intuition and power. Most of the time, they will lead a long life due to the fact that they put their emotional needs and health first

Astarte in Money

This asteroid isn’t known to be generous when it comes to their finances and money. In fact, they are more inclined to hoard their items Nancy give to others and never land people in need of time. The reason being is because they want all of the money for themselves. After all, they earned it and feel as though they should be the only people to reap the pleasures of the hard efforts and work.

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