The Great Escape: Best Vacation Spots by Sun Sign

Vacation Spots Sun Sign

Sometimes, you just need to get away. The right vacation is refreshing, but the wrong one is exhausting. Each sun sign can find something to their tastes somewhere on Earth.

Aries: Action! Sports and a little danger are what get Aries’s juices flowing. Snowboarding in Jackson Hole, hiking by volcanoes in Guatemala, or a safari in Kenya are good choices. Any exuberant culture works for Aries. Mexico, Spain, and South Africa are good choices, too.

Taurus: The nicest hotels, food, and fashion are what Taurus wants in a getaway. Paris, Milan, and London are destinations that have all three. A beautiful landscape and good amenities, like Kauai, the Irish countryside, and the South of France are ideal for Taurus, too. 

Gemini: When Gemini goes on vacation, it wants to see it all! Crowded megacities like Tokyo, Mexico City, and Manhattan do the trick. Global cities and communities influenced by more than one distinct culture, like San Francisco, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Montreal, are great, too.

Cancer: If you can get Cancer to leave home, then wherever they go better be like home. Napa Valley and Nantucket are cozy, traditional getaways. However, Bermuda, where the dollar has a one-to-one exchange and everyone speaks English, also offers the coziness and proximity Cancer desires.

Leo: Whatever makes one feel like a star or like a kid again works for Leo. Warm weather is mandatory. Leo is never too old for Disneyworld and never too young for Las Vegas. Los Angeles, where one may rub elbows with the stars, is also great.

Virgo: Virgo likes it clean, safe, and efficient, with a respect for nature. Scandinavia is Heaven for Virgo: not only are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland all of the above, but the natives hate small talk, just like Virgo! A train ride through Germany and Austria are great, too.

Libra: Wherever they go, it must be pretty and romantic, and offer all the creature comforts of the modern world. Beautiful old cities, like Charleston, Paris, Venice, Kyoto, and Prague offer a sense of romance and storybook possibilities. Relaxing tropical beaches, like those on Tahiti, make Libra swoon.

Scorpio: Misunderstood and feared places – with a splash of sexy – intrigue Scorpio. Shanghai, New Orleans, Bangkok and Bogota, and are all cities that pique Scorpio’s interest. Far-flung islands like Seychelles, Barbados, and Faroe Islands help Scorpio renew itself away from the rest of the world.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a traveler but not a tourist. Walkability and friendly natives are a must. Cities like Marrakech, Key West, Seville, and Buenos Aires are relaxed and fun. Camping in the last frontier on Earth, Alaska, makes the archer feel as free as a bird.

Capricorn: Capricorn loves architecture, class, industriousness, and nobility. London, Rome, D.C., Brussels, Boston, and Chicago offer all four things that make Capricorn take a second look. Capricorn likes mountains too, so Colorado, the Adirondacks, and Switzerland are good choices.

Aquarius: Aquarius doesn’t want to go where everyone else is going. Greenland, Mongolia, and Slovenia are where Aquarius may never run into another tourist. Aquarius loves liberal cities, like Seattle and Amsterdam. The Toronto underground and Seoul’s internet everywhere also excites.

Pisces: Pisces may swoon for a Caribbean cruise, but they also like hidden gems of unspoiled beauty that the crowds haven’t discovered yet. Dominica, Skopelos, Mauritius, and Isle of Skye are all on the water, void of tourist traps, and magical in their own way.

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