What Does it Mean to Be a Cancer?

Cancerians of the zodiac are the poster children of all things emotional. While many signs are ruled by their heads, the crab is most certainly ruled by the heart. Cancer-born are not just simply attuned to their own emotions; they also possess the highest level of empathy and emotional connections with other people as well. This relatively unique trait forges a sensitive and affectionate individual who has great compassion and respect for the people in their lives. As a Cancer man or woman, you feel your way through life like no one else can. Emotions lead you around like a river’s current, and it can be easy to slip into moodiness and depression when tragedy or betrayal reveals its ugly head. You are distinctly aware of your weaknesses and thus are careful with who you allow to become close to you. It’s a Cancer thing. Keeping close friends and loved ones few in number is symbolized by your hard, protective shell guarding a soft and vulnerable body. Your loyalty and true dedication to those who mean the world to you knows no equal, and it never lessens or fails. You are the world’s beating heart in human form; that is what it means to be Cancerian.

Mythology and Facts About the Intuitive and Instinctual Cancer

The Cancerian birth range falls between the dates of June 21st and July 22nd. If you were lucky enough to be born during that time, then you belong to a long line of inspiring and imaginative individuals whose tenacity does not allow them to let their dreams slip from their claws. Julius Caesar, Robin Williams, Princess Diana, and Helen Keller are just a handful of notably famous male and female Cancers. It is not difficult to recognize some of the most common traits of Cancer within those people. Many consider the sensitivity and emotional intuition that Cancerians possess to be a weakness, but this couldn’t be more incorrect. Cancer is supportive and persuasive and gets more done with these traits than other signs do with brute force and stubbornness.

The Greek myth that tells of Cancer’s zodiac debut is rather short and mostly disappointing to those that first hear of it. It begins with Zeus, the infamously disloyal ruler of the Greek gods, cheating on his wife Hera and bearing a son from that union who is the famous Hercules or Heracles. Hera naturally became infuriated with the existence of Hercules and sent a giant crab to slay Hercules while he was preoccupied fighting a monstrous hydra. The crab dutifully attacked at her bidding but ultimately failed and was crushed with relative ease by Hercules. In return for the crab’s brave and devoted attempt, Hera placed it among the stars and it became known as Cancer. The ease with which the crab was crushed denotes a vulnerability Cancerians have, but it does not overshadow their devotion. It reveals perfectly the extent to which you will go in defense of your loved ones, and that is risking your life, as Cancer is a very protective sign.

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Cancer Traits and Behaviors

Beyond all the prevalent emotion, Cancer men and women tend to desire safety, stability, and comfort for themselves and those they care about above all else. While many other zodiac signs prefer to wander and explore the great outdoors, crabs tend to be very happy to be at home. They are introverts and gladly devote themselves to family life as parents with no regrets for time lost for other things. The maternal or paternal instincts present in most Cancer-born is revealed by the supportive and caring personality that nearly everyone they meet is subjected to. While finding a selfish crab is practically unheard of, Cancerians are often so selfless that they are easily manipulated, used, and abused. It can be difficult to strike a balance between helping all in need and adopting a common sense wariness for those who are likely up to no good.

Along with the more positive traits such as loyalty, perseverance, and compassion, Cancer men and women also possess less flattering traits. Insecurity is a big one, and will often be the most impactful over your lifetime and for any long-term relationships. This insecurity does not simply lie in making decisions, but also fuels jealous behavior and undeserved distrust towards those who deserve your trust. While crabs can be optimistic in the general sense, moodiness and negative emotions can cause you to become trapped within a fog of pessimism that unintentionally brings everyone else down. At their worst, Cancerians can abuse the effect their emotions have on others in order to manipulate them and exert absolute control.

Cancer Guidance and Needs

Cancers as a whole will always benefit when choosing a partner who accepts them as they are. The drive for comfort and to be loved can sometimes cause you to choose partners that will require you to suppress some of your emotional needs. This will not end well for you, and the lack of fulfillment will bubble out eventually in moodiness that affects your loved ones. This isn’t to say that having to make any changes is bad, but do not go so far as to wear a mask to make yourself more desirable. Capricorn men and Capricorn women are your karmic partners, but many crabs feel they do best with signs such as Taurus. The bull will strengthen you and drive away your insecurity, has a soft heart that matches yours, and a devotion and love for home life that you also cherish.

While you will never lose your sensitive nature, doing what you can to lessen how easily you get riled up is one of the healthiest things you can do. The frustration that comes with having to walk on eggshells around someone can cause rifts within any relationship and so it will benefit you as much as it does your partner or friend. Bear in mind that you are happy with the simple things, but many other people are not. Do not think less of your partner for having needs above and beyond what works for you and make sure you inform them of your gratitude for respecting your own needs.

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For Cancer-born, life is experienced under the guidance of your inner emotional compass. You are a fierce defender, a loyal companion, and a tenderhearted comforting presence all rolled into one. You love to help others in need and ask nothing in return for your efforts. Your intuition and imagination never lead you astray and help prepare you to weather the roughest of storms. What the world views as weaknesses, you count as strengths as they have served you well both past and present.

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