Cancer and Pisces Compatibility


When Cancer and Pisces connect, they confirm a lasting bond between each other. First of all, both are water signs which means that they share the same characteristics. They are both sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. Plus, they both live their lives through creativity and emotion. Never one to leave a relationship without giving their all to make sure it works as they don’t take relationships lightly. 

Water signs are the feelers of the zodiac. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, making it occur at the beginning of the season. It’s the initiator of summer. Pisces is a mutable water sign that occurs at the end of winter. The difference between them is that Pisces is more set on wrapping up projects and Cancer likes to begin them. Also, Cancer is able to take on many things at once, while Pisces gets overwhelmed by too much stimulation, as they take on the energy of others while Cancer brushes it off with ease. 

Another difference is that Cancer doesn’t easily share its emotions and remains guarded in its shell. This can be extremely off-putting for Pisces who wants to open up. Relationship issues can ensue as a result of Cancer holding back. And, all the drama can make Pisces swim away because this sign doesn’t want to take on stress. If something doesn’t feel right, then they run faster than ever to escape the drama. 

One more difference that can create friction is that Pisces needs to be free and live in their imagination. They need a partner who won’t speak critical of their desires and dreams, which isn’t Cancer (on a bad day, it can be difficult and moody resulting in them saying mean or negative things). Being that Cancer is known to be demanding, possessive, and needy it may be challenging for both of these signs to align. 

There are many positives that make the relationship work. Primarily, the fact that they are both essential parts of living beings. We are composed of water  which is their foundation and element. They are necessary to keep life together and intact. All the more reason why they’ll have a deep connection and be able to heal others, as well as expand their horizons in life. 

Plus, water signs aren’t Very communicative with others, which is why they may find that the partnership between them is extremely beneficial because they don’t have to use their words to express themselves. They can both focus on living through intuition and feelings, without having to say how they feel. By using their hearts to navigate the relationship, it might be easier for the sea water signs to stay together because they express themselves the same way. 

They both have a love of arts. Dancing, music, and painting are things that they may share together to keep the relationship up. This will give them a lot of common interests to grow their partnership from. Like the tides of the ocean, water sounds like to keep the energy moving, which is why you’ll probably see them out more but at home as they like to do you a lot.

Yes, this relationship has its issues, like every other partnership. However, if they are willing to look past some differences they both can create a long lasting situation and relationship that will change both of their lives for the better. Water signs often stay together because they can understand each other on an emotional level. That will be the foundation of this relationship which is why it has the ability to transcend time and to be magnificent.

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