Everything You Need To Know About A Couples Astrology Reading

Two men get a couples astrology reading.

We know that men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus – each person has a particular relationship with the planets based on their birth chart.

When you finally match with that hunk from Hinge or reconnect with an old flame from years past, you want to make sure you’re a good match. One way to unravel the mysteries of a relationship is a couples astrology reading with a trusted psychic advisor.

What Is a Couple’s Astrology Reading?

A couple’s astrology reading analyzes and interprets the way the planets in your astrology charts interact with each other. Based on your individual birth information, a reader will discuss your compatibility and suitability for a long-term commitment.

Don’t panic! Whether you’re investigating a new crush or booking a couples astrology reading with your spouse, unlocking the dynamics of your relationship and understanding how you two fit best will improve communication and provide insight into your daily connections and struggles.

Twin Flame Astrology Reading

A twin flame is distinct from a soulmate or a karmic relationship. When you meet your twin flame, they leave their fingers on your buttons, challenging you to grow and shed limiting beliefs. After all, a twin flame shares your soul in a different body! Not all twin flames are destined to connect in this life. Schedule a twin flames astrology reading for guidance and understanding if you feel you may have met your twin flame. 

How Do Relationship Astrology Readings Work?

The most important ingredient to any helpful relationship astrology reading is you and your match’s birth chart.

Before or at the beginning of your reading, you will share your and your partner’s birth information with your advisor. From there, each advisor will explore your birth chart, likely discussing your personality and characteristics, detailing those of your partner or match, and finally examining how the two interplay.

During your reading, you will cover topics like compatibility, love languages, and the outlook of the relationship. Ask your advisor questions and share any relevant information to get the most out of your couple’s astrology reading.

What Can a Relationship Astrology Reading Tell You?

In our inclusive community of online psychics, you can find a wide range of psychic advisors who specialize in relationship astrology and couples astrology readings. Depending on your specific advisor, expect to cover any of these key areas during your reading:

Core Compatibility

By comparing your Sun and Moon signs, your advisor can outline the guiding forces in your lifestyle, emotions, and go-to behaviors. This core examination of a couple will paint a picture of the foundation of the relationship. Are you two yin and yang, or are you equally hot-headed and prone to arguments? This building block sets the stage for further exploration into your unique relationship dynamics.

Love Languages

What if you think your relationship is cooling because the passion isn’t there anymore, while your partner feels you’ve lost interest because you don’t provide words of encouragement? A love language comparison reveals what each partner needs from the other and what they are likely to give to show that they care. Understanding each other’s love languages is a crucial component of maintaining positive communication.

Relationship Dynamics

How does your partner or potential love match affect you with their energy, their actions, and their beliefs? Placing your birth charts on top of each other reveal angles between planets in both charts to show how a couple is likely to interact and react. Identify the source of current problems or plant seeds for enlightenment early in a relationship.

Relationship Potential

What will your union look like down the road? Are you an excellent match for years of tranquility and love, or are there pitfalls to watch out for during the long haul? Your advisor can examine your birth charts to provide some clarity on ways to inspire closer connection and avoid friction later on.

Interested in a Couples Astrology Reading?

Many of our trusted psychic advisors practice the study of relationships in astrology, often referred to as “synastry.” If you’re ready for a deep dive into your compatibility as a couple, connect with one of our diverse advisors for relationship clarity.

Schedule a couples astrology reading with any of our top-rated astrology advisors:

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