Cancer Man Taurus Woman Compatibility


Cancer men and Taurus women are fortunate enough to enjoy very high compatibility between them for friendships and intimate relationships. Any crab who locks his claws on a Taurus will undoubtedly never want to let her go as she can truly understand and comfort him like no other sign but his own. The devotion and loyalty these two signs share make for a happy relationship and forge bonds that can last a lifetime. Conflict is low as their opposing strengths do so much to ward off the negative traits that do exist. It is understandable to be wary of this pairing, with both the bull and the crab slow to trust another with their most vulnerable part – their heart. However, if you’re willing to offer the patience and take the plunge, you are unlikely to be disappointed in your choice. Continue reading to discover just what it is that draws you together and any roadblocks you should be on the lookout for.

Basic Compatibility

Cancerian men are ruled by emotion, first and foremost, and it governs every aspect of their lives. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his emotions can be wild and erratic, leading to difficulties with most other signs. At his core, he craves stability and security the most, as this is what he severely lacks. The Taurus woman provides these much-needed traits as she belongs to the most stable and dependable sign of the zodiac. The Cancer man’s emotions reveal all of his thoughts and as a result are always an honest indicator of what is going on with him. The Taurus woman values honesty highly and is very straightforward in all things, seeing no reason to be deceitful or dishonest even if it will hurt some feelings. She may soften her words to prevent offense, but she will rarely lie. The stubbornness of the bull can frustrate the crab and even though her possessiveness may seem endearing to Cancer, it is unhealthy.

The bull’s patience benefits the crab so much as his insecurities often lead to indecision. Taurus women are never in a rush and are extremely satisfied with their balanced life of hard work and relaxing luxury at home. She is the rock that will bring her Cancer man’s insecurity down to a minimum. The emotionally free nature of the crab will tempt the somewhat guarded Taurus into expressing herself more. The bull never wishes to be a burden and instead desires to be the burden carrier at all times so often keeps her emotional needs hidden and in check. With this pairing, however, she is more comfortable sharing her feelings as her partner does all the time as well. Both Taurus women and Cancer men are very traditional and focused on the family as opposed to matters outside of the home. With the Taurus woman’s determination to be financially secure and Cancer’s devotion to his loved ones, there are few better choices for family life.

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Love And Relationships

Friendship with a Cancer man isn’t difficult to obtain as they are readily friendly with everyone they meet – that is, until they hurt him. While he is guarded when it comes to more serious relationships, he lowers all his defenses for friendships and is thus frequently manipulated or abused. As a friend, he is truly devoted and always available to help and offer a shoulder to cry on. His empathy is unmatched and he is one of the most supportive, friendly signs. The Taurus woman has, and makes, friendships that last a lifetime due to her endless loyalty. She isn’t overly extroverted and, due to the long buildup required to gain her complete trust, her close friend circle is small. Still, she is just as dependable and supportive to her loved ones and friends as the crab is. The best part about friendship with a Taurus is that she has no expectations beyond honesty. She doesn’t judge her friends on differing values or incompatible personalities and is more than pleasing so long as they are honest.

In intimate relationships, it is the complete opposite. The bull lowers all his defenses and is easily hurt while the crab puts up barriers until the later stages of the relationship. This is where the patience of the Taurus woman comes into play, the long wait of proving her love. The Taurus woman is a diehard romantic, delighting in a slow passion that builds into a passionate, emotional, sexual encounter. She can rarely have sex solely for satisfaction if it lacks an emotional component and, luckily for her, a Cancer man is the same way. While the Cancer man’s moodiness can cause some rifts in a relationship, with a Taurus partner, he can be sure no grudges will be held. They both tend to prefer to relax at home in the arms of one another as opposed to partying or endless social gatherings. Together, they form a sensual and satisfyingly close bond that no one can break.

Working Together

It goes without saying that Taurus women are the queens of the workplace. They value financial security greatly and know the only way to achieve it is through the sweat of their brow. They focus hard on the task at hand and don’t stop till it is completed, refusing to get dragged into any drama or unnecessary ambitions that can make their position less secure. Cancer men excel when they get to be with people, regardless of the work at hand. Their constant desire to help those in need is too much of a distraction when assigned to solo tasks but is fantastic in group situations. When working together, the Cancer man and Taurus woman have no compatibility issues. Neither are demanding or difficult with each other or their coworkers, and the work always gets completed.

Cancer men and Taurus women are almost a match made in heaven. Sure they have their ups and downs, and both are too willing to remain in a relationship where they are poorly treated, but the pros far outweigh the cons. If the opportunity arises for friendship or something more between to two, this is one you may not want to pass up. The calm, affectionate and traditional nature of both signs means you shouldn’t expect any surprises and you know exactly what is in store. Some people prefer spontaneous adventure, but if you simply want to know your best friend or partner will be there when you call, this is the choice for you
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