A businesswoman in her office, peering into a crystal ball wondering about her career future

The year ahead could be a professional breakthrough, or it could make you long for the recently passed recession. If you thought the stars only foretold love and passion, think again. Many top business people understand and follow the movement of the planets and their corresponding effect on one’s zodiac sign. There are a few simple things to look for and keep track of in charting career opportunities as delivered by the stars.

When looking for love, astrologers follow the position of the planet Venus in the heavens. This artful feminine planet rules the human mind’s relationship to love. Astrologers also consult the location of Mars as this planet of masculinity interacts with Venus often enough to alert those “in the zodiac-know” as to when the opportunities of attraction are occurring.

The same basic principle is at work when assessing our careers. The difference is that astrologers keep an eye on the movement of the planet Jupiter and time zodiac cycles based on its relationship with the planet Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and when it is aligned well with your zodiac sign, opportunities abound to get out and take advantage of the momentum that could carry you far in your chosen profession. Saturn, on the other hand, is the planet of limitations. When you go too far, Saturn challenges you, setting up obstacles on ground you thought you had covered. But each of these two planets can be used for career advancement. Jupiter is not always the best planet to embrace; the confidence it imbues can lead to overextending yourself. Saturn might be a taskmaster, but so is putting together a comprehensive business plan. If you look at these two as balancing confidence with discipline, then you will be ready to let astrology work for you on the career front.

In 2011, Jupiter and Saturn are interacting in a major way, leading to a transformation in the way that we all do business. Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of Aries in early January and is moving at its fastest possible pace through the zodiac. By early June, it will move into Taurus. While it slows down considerably, the big planet will stay in the sign of the Bull for the remainder of the year. While Jupiter is moving about the zodiac, Saturn is staying relatively still. Throughout the year the ringed wonder will wander through Libra, the sign where it has already been staying for most of the past year. The balance for us here on earth will be between our ambition and our stability.

In Aries, Jupiter will present you with many tempting career moves. The sign of the Ram is the sign that initiates, moves forward quickly and ignores obstacles as a means of getting past them. Meanwhile, Saturn sits in sociable Libra. This is the zodiac sign of partnerships. While 2011 gleams with possibilities that inspire you to take a leap forward, there is a grounding in the relationships you have already made in your field. This stability is a valuable resource. Calling an old friend up and an older favor in will take you further than all of Jupiter’s wide-eyed optimism can deliver.

Jupiter and Saturn actually come into a rare exact opposition on March 28. This is a major planetary event that influences things far beyond career activity. But in the sphere of this career forecast, be assured, if you are making a career change, the week before and after March 28 will be the most important time of 2011 for the direction your professional life takes. It might be the most important two weeks of the decade for you!

In June, Jupiter moves into Taurus. This relaxes Jupiter’s attachment to Saturn. Taurus is the zodiac sign with the closest association to money and the material world. This is a great opportunity to increase your earning potential. Jupiter’s visit to Aries presents the opportunity for you to get ahead, but its extended stay in Taurus allows you to solidify your new position.

2011 might be your year for professional acclaim and financial success. Read below for your zodiac sign to see if this is the time to expand your business, to cash in or to wait for another year to make the most of what you want in your professional life.

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