Chinese New Year Year of the Pig

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The upcoming Chinese New Year will begin on February 5th, and 2019 is the exciting Year of the Pig. The pig can represent great wealth and fortune, provided you do not allow overindulgence to carry you beyond your means. Be prepared for a time of ease, allowing you to recover after a Year of the Dog that required hard work and dedication. The Year of the Pig 2019 will not be without its challenges, and you must be wary of those who will take advantage of your laid-back approach to responsibilities. Experience what it truly means to be satisfied in the upcoming Chinese New Year.

This Year Of The Pig Explained

The Year of the Pig will always be accompanied by an element that further specifies the energy and focus for the particular year. 2019 is an earth pig year, which means it will lean toward an appreciation for family time and remaining close to home. Earth as an element in the Chinese zodiac represents balance, stability and a grounded approach. Our beautiful earth is characterized as being a very giving, fertile element and this appropriately represents the generous, and often wealthy nature of Pig years. Strength is another important feature of the earth that is reflected in the Pig. Just as a mountain will not give way to a push or a firm scolding, you may find yourself feeling more stubborn than usual in seeking your goals. In short, no one will be able to convince you to rush while you relax with family and enjoy your great fortune this year.

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What To Expect In The Year Of The Pig

The Year of the Pig carries a boon, both for finding love and current intimate relationships. Simple but intense passion can be found in abundance, and it won’t be overshadowed by materialism. Be wary of confusing short-lived passion with true love by making sure your partner feels the same. As hogs are rather hedonistic by nature, now is the time to indulge without shame. There is a broad, not fine, line between indulgence and overindulgence, so you will have little excuse if things swiftly get out of hand. You can expect to experience less of a net benefit from taking charge and taking risks. Your thoughtful, slow, plodding approach to decision-making will yield far more successes than failures. For those who are followers by nature, an earth pig year is your time to shine. Leadership will not be nearly as rewarding as it was in previous years.

Overall, the Year of the Pig 2019 will be intensely focused on yourself and those closest to you. In this time of plenty, you can afford to relax and experience the finer things in life with family and trusted friends. Brief moments of laziness are not likely to be punished, but the complacency and lack of reward should be incentive enough to get you up and moving soon after. You can expect opportunities to work smarter and not harder, efficiently conserving your energy and drive for bigger and better things. The path to these much-awaited outcomes may not be graceful or smooth, but the positive end result is all that truly matters.

Success In The Year Of The Pig

If you are planning to shoot for a very successful Year of the Pig, you will need to go with the flow and not against it. Mirroring some of the more prominent characteristics of the pig this year can help you find success. Your first step should be to remove yourself from any unnecessarily stressful situations. The hustle and bustle of business and competition are not on the mind of the pig, and you are likely to perform far better if you take things at a simpler pace. After all, pigs do not grow fat and happy by running around like a madman. Reasonable and well-researched decisions will bring you success, while rushing into agreements and investments will probably backfire on you. Consider a live Chinese astrology reading to help you put your best foot forward and get the most out of this Year of the Pig.

The pig is a social creature, and opting to neglect your interpersonal and family relationships is likely to go very poorly. Strive to be open and available to those that need you. Find the contentedness of a well-fed hog instead of demanding a return in every helpful action you undertake for another. Family has never been more important than now, and you should give of your time freely, as opposed to measuring the minutes like a lawyer. Do not expect perfection of yourself or others, as the pig is a rather clumsy creature. Be stubborn when it matters, such as when maintaining a good work-life balance, and refusing to allow yourself to slip into pointless spending with your newfound wealth. Generosity with your abundance of good fortune will have karmic returns, but do not blindly dig yourself into a hole. Managing your budget and financial situation is still a necessity or all your money will be gone before you know it.

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The Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig is approaching fast and it brings with it great reward and even greater satisfaction. The hard work and fitness of the previous year leave you open to indulge and appreciate the gifts you earned. Enjoy the newfound ease and reprieve from the rat race that brings unwanted stress and frustration to your life. Rejoice in a deeper, more passionate love life that is a direct appreciation of your true, undisguised self. As you undertake yet another year in your journey through life, we wish you good fortune and a happy Year of the Pig.

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