Chiron in Aquarius: What You Need to Know

chiron is an important astrological transit

Healing centaur Chiron (Chiron is a smaller celestial body that is classified as a centaur because of its erratic orbit and an asteroid because of its mass) is an interesting element of astrology. How many people revere this part of their charts or transit as a conscious way to work towards evolving their soul and spirit. Personally, as an astrologer, I couldn’t agree more. Chiron is a very delicate placement within ourselves that requires a lot of tender love and care in order to effectively heal our weaknesses or insecurities.

In mythology, Chiron was a wise and sensitive healer, who ironically could not heal himself. We look for Chiron in our charts and in aspect to current transits to understand the wounds that we can’t mend alone that require extra care. By knowing how to navigate this centaur, we can gain access to mending wounds or getting perspective as to why we act out in certain ways when we are triggered. 

The sign in which Chiron is will help us determine the vibe in which we need to heal. For example, if Chiron is an Aries, then we will need to heal ourselves and understand that everyone has ego wounds that need to be mended. Basically, it’s a call towards temperamental behavior and narcissism. However, the person may heal through journaling because they can write all about themselves and how they are reacting to others. Also, through standing up for themselves or helping people gain confidence. 

Chiron is the part of our charts and where we need the most help.  It shows where we are the most vulnerable, less assertive, and building to grow. However, there is a lot of honesty and understanding Chiron in our charts. We are able to accept these parts of ourselves that need to heal and make an effort to work towards accepting that energy with an open heart. 

When Chiron is an Aquarius, it denotes someone who has a different perspective than the collective. Being that Aquarius focuses more on others, rather than the self, there is a need to take that energy back and focus it and how one can make themselves better.  This placement centers around unique people who stand on their own two feet and prescribe to their own views. They are different from the rest of the buttons and thrive by walking down their own path. Not only that but they are great at encouraging others to embrace their individuality and truest selves. 

The caveat is that this placement can feel a little insecure regarding their place in society. Although we hate you in a minute, there is a social order and ringing in the hands of being part of a group. When Chiron is an Aquarius, the person who has this in their chart may feel as though they are not at the top of the tier or as popular as they would like to be. The need to be one of the scenesters and alwars “in the know” regarding others is pivotal. And, when that doesn’t happen, they take it as a personal affront. 

Another issue that people who have Chiron and Aquarius may feel is that they might be unsure and trusting themselves to make decisions. Always looking to others for advice can allow this placement to feel as though they are indecisive and in constant need of guidance. However, they need to realize that they have the power within themselves to make moves and to live their own lives. They have to look at their emotions deeply and honestly to comprehend how they feel. Their strength lies within. 

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