Father’s Day Gifts Based on the Stars

Father's Day

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, so it can be tough to come up with the perfect gift for the men in your life, including your dad and the father of your own children. Men’s interests tend to be narrow, obscure or expensive, or all of the above. And whatever your guy is into, he tends to go out and buy it himself rather than dropping hints so you’ll know what he wants. This Father’s Day, don’t burden dear old Dad with yet another tool set or goofy tie. Instead, tailor his gift to his Zodiac sign, to give him something that truly fits his personality.  


Gift your active, competitive Aries man with CrossFit or jujitsu classes, so he can go sweat it out and push himself to be his very best. Independent Aries might also appreciate a gift certificate to an athletic supply store, so he can get a new pair of running shoes and hit the trail. If money is no object, an over-the-top gift like a helicopter ride or a surprise weekend vacation will be right up his alley.


Your grounded, practical Taurus man values quality and simplicity over anything flashy or expensive, yet he also loves indulging himself. Gift him with a nice bottle of mellow whiskey or a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. Creature comforts are always a winner, too; just be sure his new belt is made of fine leather, or his tie is soft silk.


Your witty, fascinating Gemini man loves any gift that engages his mind. Give him tickets to a comedy show, or sign him up for an improv class. He’ll love a gift certificate to a bookstore, especially if it’s someplace unusual — a comic book shop, perhaps, or a store that sells rare and out-of-print books. Since Gemini dads love fun in any form, your guy might also appreciate a day at the amusement park.


Take care when planning a gift for your Cancer man. He may not open up about his feelings very often, but he’s highly sentimental, and sensitive as well. Cancer dads love anything heartfelt and meaningful, even if it’s as simple as a framed photo of his children, or a poem about why you think he’s the best dad on the planet. Gathering the whole family together for a dinner in his honor will also make him feel appreciated and adored.


Trying to think of the perfect gift for your demonstrative Leo man can be intimidating — his great taste makes it hard to top the flashy, splashy gifts he’s given you over the years! Being both passionate and creative, he’ll love a print by his favorite artist, or paints, brushes and a blank canvas so he can explore his own artistic side. At heart, Leo men want to feel adored, so a framed photo of his beloved children will make him feel warm from the inside out.


Gifts for Virgo dads must be practical, refined and thrifty all at once. They don’t like cheap things, and yet they would hate to think you spent a fortune on them. Thus, start your search early for the perfect gift for your Virgo man. Antique stores are a great place to look; you can often find a bargain that’s both timeless and beautiful. A Virgo dad will also love a new shaving kit or hair pomade — something to helps him maintain his clean, polished appearance.


Your Libra man is all about people, pleasure, culture and art. Gift him with a bottle of fine wine or a silk shirt, or a gift certificate to a new, upscale restaurant. Since Libra dads love to mix and mingle, he might also appreciate an experience gift that allows him to interact with others — an art gallery hop, for example, or a painting or cooking class.


Since Scorpio dads are deep thinkers who love digging beneath the surface, gift your Scorpio man with a mystery novel or a pair of binoculars. He might also love a gift certificate to a yoga or meditation class, as these will help him connect with his inner self. If you’re gifting your Scorpio husband, play to his passionate side with a romantic hotel stay, just for the two of you — no kids allowed.


The world is a Sagittarius dad’s oyster, which means your man will love almost any gift you give him. A trip to an amusement park, a fascinating memoir, or train tickets for a weekend getaway? Perfect! Sagittarius dads are playful and athletic, so he’ll also love a Slip ’n’ Slide for some backyard fun or a new soccer ball to kick around with the kids.


Your hardworking Capricorn guy will love a new leather briefcase or a fine, simple silk tie. Convincing him to set work aside and treating him to dinner at an upscale restaurant will also make him feel pampered and adored. Capricorn dads love traditional gifts, so a nice robe or engraved pen will be something he’ll keep forever.


Aquarius dads don’t care about material things nearly as much as they care about people, animals, and the causes they find meaningful. So instead of searching the mall for the perfect gift, make a charitable donation in your Aquarius guy’s honor, or take him to the animal shelter to adopt a new pet in need of a home. He’ll love any gift with a philanthropic focus.


Sweet, selfless, loving and giving — that’s a Pisces dad, in a nutshell. Your Pisces guy will love any gift that is handmade by his beloved children, no matter how simple or inexpert it might appear to be. Since he has a soft spot for animals, a bird feeder can also make a wonderful and unique present. If you’re gifting your Pisces husband, treat him to a relaxing, sensual massage that lets him know just how special he is.

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