How to De-Stress According to Your Astrological Sign

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From family to finances and everything else in between, there are plenty of reasons to feel stressed in life is normal let alone during uncertain times. A recent study shows that more than 80 percent of Americans report the nation’s future as a significant source of stress. This includes one’s future due to job loss, illness, and more. While you can tell yourself to take it “day by day,” the truth of the matter is, stress can manifest into serious physical and mental health issues. While you can’t change what’s happening in the world, you can learn how to de-stress. 

To de-stress means that you need to take time to wind down after (or during in some cases) a period of pressure. Of course, everyone de-stresses in their own way, so what works for you may not work for someone else. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you implement this crucial part of self-care based on your astrological sign. Remember, it’s important to take some time to release the negative energy that’s keeping you from being the best (and healthiest) version of yourself. 


Energetic, active, and independent, Aries tend to become stressed out because they overextend themselves. Regardless, kicking back with wth their feet up on a chair isn’t going to help them decompress. 

De-stress plan: Get moving! Exercise is one of the best ways an Aries can negate stress, whether that means challenging themselves to a killer HITT workout or hiking amongst a lush, natural backdrop. 


Bulls crave structure and routine, which is why unexpected stress can put them into a tailspin. It’s important fo a Taurus to destress by staying in tune with their senses, which in turn helps a Taurus stay in control. 

De-stress plan: Along with engaging in activities and hobbies that they enjoy, whipping up something healthy is a great way to help a bull keep their stress — and waistline — in check as this is a sign that tends to overindulge during stressful times. This can include trying a new healthy recipe, meal prep, or scouting out a restaurant to get a healthy bite while decompressing. 


The twins are the ultimate communicator, so when information is unclear, they tend to become stressed out. They’re also curious individuals who don’t like to be stuck in the same routine. 

De-stress plan: While it may be difficult to get concrete answers on many of the things happening in the world today, deciphering fact over fiction can put a Gemini at ease — yet it’s important to avoid overconsuming information if they don’t want to be perpetually frazzled. Swapping the internet and television for a day trip or a new workout can help a Gemini de-stress.


Emotional, sensitive, and vulnerable, it’s easy for a Cancer to become stressed if they don’t feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, this can lead to uncomfortable digestive distress. 

De-stress: When stress takes over, the best thing a Cancer can do is take cover, meaning finding a place of peace and riding out the stress solo by mediating, taking the time to learn how to prepare a new (and digestively-friendly) meal, or picking up a hobby that fell to the wayside. On the flip side, some Cancers find solace in volunteering, helping animals or people in need, or simply spending time with friends and family. 


Generous, social, and outgoing, lions are the ultimate social butterflies, so when they feel isolated, they become stressed and anxious. 

De-stress plan: The best way to for a Leo to de-stress is by having fun with friends and family. Obviously, in the midst of a pandemic, this can be more difficult to accomplish, so it must be done in a safe, smart, and socially distanced manner — save the big fetes for another time. Of course, virtual gatherings are another option to connect with loved ones. Get creative by hosting cocktail hour or game night. 


A perfectionist in every sense of the word, it’s no wonder Virgos become stressed when something happens beyond their control. The good news is those practical and analytical skills can be used to their advantage when stress comes their way. 

De-stress plan: Virgos should opt for activities that make them think and focus such as crossword puzzles, organizing a closet, yoga, a home project — basically anything enjoyable activity that helps a Virgo focus on the task at hand versus a stressful situation. 


Those born under the sign of the Libra are social creatures, so they can’t stand when their work/life balance is disrupted. They’re also highly intellectual individuals who know how to handle challenging situations when the going gets tough. 

De-stress plan: As with Leos, social engagement during these times needs to be done with caution. Libras can also opt to use their intellect to de-stress by reading a good book or watching a documentary — even a romantic movie since this is an extremely amorous sign. 


Scorps are more of a private sign and they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Their sensitivity and mysterious nature can lead to an emotional imbalance that includes feelings of stress, anxiety, and even anger. 

De-stress plan: Scorpios may be a private sign, but they do like to keep things hot between the sheets — but on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. If sexy time isn’t in the cards, a Scorpio can also decompress by spending time alone listening to their favorite music, taking a warm bubble bath, meditating — anything goes. 


A Sag can be restless, but that’s not a bad thing. This means they have an abundance of energy and a tendency to be impulsive. They also tend to be a bit philosophical, which can work to their advantage when stressed. 

De-stress plan: Sagittariuses are goal-driven, so they should try journaling when stressed. Seeking inspiration from books, quotes, peers, and other like-minded individuals can also help a Sag keep a positive mind. 


The sturdy mountain goat is one of the hardest working and ambitious signs in the zodiac, so if they don’t have things under control, they become completely stressed out. While material gains are of importance, Caps should pencil in a little downtime, too. 

De-stress plan: The best way for a Capricorn to get back on track when stressed is to make a game plan — even before stress is even in the picture. Preventative measures include creating daily, weekly, and monthly plans, charting long-term goals, and even bullet journaling. On a more laid-back level, simple chores, errands, and exercise can help a Cap de-stress. 


Those who fall under the sign of Aquarius have a wide range of natural-born gifts, including intelligence, creativity, and an artistic nature. They also enjoy anything that’s intellectually stimulating, so anything mundane can make an Aquarian feel anxious. 

De-stress plan: Activities that involve working with their hands can help put an Aquarian at ease. This could be painting, cooking (Food art perhaps?), gardening, sketching, journaling, or any other activity that taps into their creative and artistic side. Creating a vision board (or even a Pinterest board) can help Aquarians feel as though they have a better grasp of the future despite uncertain times. 


Pisces are intuitive, imaginative and artistic, but this also leaves them vulnerable to be a bit overly sensitive at times. Letting their imagination run wild is oftentimes an escape mechanism for stress. 

De-stress plan: The best way for a Pisces to de-stress is by engaging in activities that allow their mind to run free. So, this could be meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature where there’s audible sounds like chirping birds or running water. The goal is to be able to connect with their intuition. 

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