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Most relationships between a Cancerian woman and a Libra man lean toward beneficial for both parties. As the most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancer usually needs a gentle, but honest, partner who knows when to draw the line before things become manipulative. The Libra man fulfills these needs, and his own neediness is not at all bothersome to the Cancer woman. Together, both signs explore the world with a gentle innocence and, while that would ordinarily leave them vulnerable, the Libra man becomes quite the defender of the ill-treated if the call arrives. No balance is achieved by force and despite not being the ideal zodiac match for each other, they are truly one worth giving a shot. Got a friendship or potential relationship with this pairing on your radar? Discover what makes your partner tick, and get ticked off, by continuing along in our compatibility article.

Basic Compatibility

Make no mistake, Cancer is, without a doubt, an emotionally needy sign. Signs that tend toward cold or closed off are always a poor match but the Libra man is neither of them. His constant quest for a life partner that meets all his requirements may well land him in the arms of a Cancerian woman. The crab is innately insecure and draws her three needs that counter it – safety, stability, and love – from her partner. While Libra men can be emotionally led in matters of the heart, they are very much an intellectual sign. This is one of the main reasons Cancer women and Libra men are so compatible and work out well as a match. The Cancerian woman is not always able to ignore her feelings when it comes to decision making, but Libra men are. If the situation involves any need for fairness and justice, he will readily suppress his heart to make what he believes is the correct decision, naturally balancing out a weakness in their relationship.

Libra men thrive off of harmony and peace and naturally flee from discord and confrontations. There are many zodiac signs that can, and do, take advantage of those who avoid confrontation, but Cancer is not one of them. Libra is also, unfortunately, known to have a problem with holding grudges, which can be quite harmful to the very sensitive Cancer woman. The crab is known for her moodiness and occasional manipulative behavior, but Libra is not one to stand idly by and be abused. Both signs have everything to gain from the peace they cherish so much, and two needy individuals matched together lessens a chance of frustration. With Cancer so prone to sadness, having an endlessly upbeat Libra man around really changes the emotional appeal of the relationship. Together, the pair is the epitome of balance at its finest.

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Love And Relationships

Social butterfly is the perfect term to describe a Libra man. Not only because he often has a large group of friends, but also because he endlessly flutters about to find new ones as his search for true love continues. Friendship is easy to earn with him as it doesn’t take much to please besides a good attitude and easygoing personality. Libras are known to be flirtatious, but that is often where it ends as they guard their hearts quite thoroughly and are picky in love. You can expect pure devotion from a Libra man as a friend. His love for cooperation and helping others often makes him quite treasured. Cancer women are very similar to Libra men in many friendship aspects. She may be a little less outgoing, but the array of available friendships often holds true in the same way. Her friendships are frequently built from an emotional component such as from her being a shoulder to cry on or being supportive in a testing time. This leads them to be extremely strong, but her insecurities may still get in the way of trusting enough to forge close friendships.

Intimate relationships bring deeper understanding and powerful bonding to a match between Libra and Cancer; the trouble is getting to it. Indecisiveness is a trait that haunts both these signs. Thus, they could well spend a lifetime waiting on each other to take a relationship to the next step. The lack of a clear dominant party means decisions will always default to Libra, who is not insecure. Emotionally, the crab and the scales are very compatible as Libra’s clear head brings some rationality to any emotionally charged situation. Sexually, there can be some definite struggles as both sides are ready and willing to be led and loved in bed but find leading the way difficult. Neither sign is the type to mostly have sex for fun alone, so a sensual, emotional component is almost always included. Libra men are truly hopeless romantics who love to wine and dine, while Cancer women are happy anywhere with their partners at their side.

Working Together

It goes without saying that Libra men shine in the workplace, not due to performance alone but also their general work ethic and by how much their coworkers like them. As supervisors, they won’t tolerate slackers, even if it means a confrontation, and they happily assist anyone who works hard but could use a helping hand. Libra men absolutely excel in team assignments and even leadership in industries that are not fast-paced and aggressive. Cancer women similarly do well when working in teams and are very dependable. Their quality and focus on work are dramatically increased in a career that aligns with their emotional side, such as caring for animals or nursing occupations. Cancers are usually not the best at leadership, and they can suffer immensely when criticized. Together, they make a fine team that is unlikely to have any problems with cohesion and project completion.

For those who are looking for a relationship that is committed and relaxed, a Cancer woman Libra man match is worth a try. While downsides certainly exist, there is no aggravating factor here that brings out issues in either party. Friendships are loving, supportive and balanced between the crab and scales, so the outlook of any long-term relationship is even better. All matches will have their ups and downs, but this may be your best bet for a low-drama relationship. Always remember to see the person and not the sign, as it merely represents common, but not guaranteed, traits the person may possess. Take chances in love and life and you may well be surprised by what you find.

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