Sagittarius Man Libra Woman Compatibility


When a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman come together, they have an instant natural connection. Good conversations always flow when they are together. And they will always have plenty to laugh about since they share a similar sense of humor. Overall, their relationship feels smooth and comfortable. This combination makes for strong compatibility and a great friendship. It also has great romantic potential, if they can work through their own issues with commitment.

The Sagittarius Man – The Romantic Wanderer

The Sagittarius man can always be found at the center of a crowd. But, despite his love of being around people, he is highly independent and has a strong desire to be free and explore. His zeal for life and curiosity are contagious to everyone around him. Even as a responsible adult, he usually comes off as being an innocent and flirtatious “bad boy,” which women tend to find irresistibly attractive.

The Sagittarius man is a romantic at heart. He loves the adventure of romance, especially when there is plenty of room for spontaneity. He longs for a smart woman who isn’t afraid to go with the flow and try something new. While in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, the Libra woman can look forward to plenty of fun and adventures. However, she must be able to adjust to his tactless frankness, which can be extremely hurtful.

The Libra Woman – The Feminine Conversationalist

The Libra woman is a clever intellectual who is particularly drawn to art and music. She is the personification of femininity. She is independent and logical, but can be very indecisive. She loves hearing others ideas and is always open to a good debate. She knows how to have a great conversation. She puts people at ease when they talk to her since she can easily understand every side of a situation.

The Libra woman values honesty and wants nothing more than to be appreciated. In a romantic relationship, the Libra woman is a strong partner. She wants a romantic partner who she considers to be her equal. She is attentive to her partner’s needs and will do whatever it takes to satisfy them.

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Taking the Lead

Despite the Sagittarius man’s great confidence, in this pairing it’s the Libra woman who takes the lead. She is a cardinal sign, while he is a mutable sign. Although the Libra woman can get bossy at times, it generally isn’t a big issue in this relationship. She usually considers the options and everyone’s opinions to create a plan that she gently suggests. Since the Sagittarius man loves being spontaneous, he usually has no problem doing whatever she comes up with. This, in turn, can help the Libra woman overcome her difficulty of decision-making.

Escalating Conflicts

Both the Libra woman and Sagittarius man love a good debate. This can lead to lots of great discourse between the two. But these friendly debates are bound to sometimes escalate into something much more serious. It usually goes something like this: the Sagittarius man makes his point, which the Libra woman counters to play devil’s advocate. He feels challenged and his temper begins to rise. She is feisty as well and will fight back. Now they find themselves engaged in a heated argument.

When things get heated, the best course of action is for the couple to call a truce. Both of them dislike confrontation. Taking a time out gives them a chance to cool off. When they reunite, they’ll be ready to set matters aside and share a good laugh over the situation.

Commitment Issues

The biggest obstacle this pairing faces towards enjoying a long-term relationship is their issues with commitment. The Libra woman is indecisive. This uncertainty makes it hard for her to commit to a relationship. The Sagittarius man relishes freedom and does not want to be tied down.

In order for this relationship to become committed, this relationship needs time to mature and group. The Sagittarius man and Libra woman can form a playful relationship from their friendship and shared interests. This friendship serves as the foundation for love and ultimately commitment to grow.

The Libra woman is not bothered by the Sagittarius man’s need to wander. She enjoys the solo opportunities she receives by granting him this freedom. He finds this independence enticing. This perfect balance of “give and take” helps them take time for trust to grow between them. With time, this can help them both be more willing to commit to each other. Only time can tell how long this process could take.

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