Libra Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Libra Man Scorpio Woman

Let’s face it: some personalities just mix better than others. No matter how open-minded or patient you are, you won’t click with everyone you meet, and that’s okay. But how do you know which relationships are worth working on and which are destined for constant clashes? The Zodiac reveals a lot about the tendencies and communication styles that drive you and your romantic or platonic partners.

For example, Libra (September 22 to October 23) is an air sign symbolized by the scales, a nod to the balance and justice that Libra men crave. Next in the Zodiac, Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) is a water sign represented by the scorpion. Like that tiny desert predator, Scorpio women are smart, unpredictable, and liable to sting those who cross them. So, what happens when these two get together?

Whether your star signs are aligned or not, studying your cosmic compatibility is a great way to prevent clashes and learn how to communicate better. Luckily, Libra men and Scorpio women are definitely compatible. Shared traits, like loyalty and passion, is only part of the equation. With their differences, such as Scorpio’s intensity and Libra’s laidback style, together, they achieve balance and a relationship between the two can have great stability. Before analyzing the dynamic between these two signs any further, it’s important to understand exactly what each sign means.

Meet the Libra Man: Loving, Charming & Indecisive

Libra men are flexible, laidback, and committed to fairness and balance. If you have a special Libra man in your life, he’s probably an easy going, sensitive guy who gets along with everyone and can see both sides of any argument. These can be wonderful traits in romantic or platonic partners, but they can also be frustrating, because Libra men are easy to influence and open to multiple perspectives. He puts others’ needs first, whether they’re friends who need favors or lovers who have certain desires, and he truly sees the good in everyone.

While Libra men are often indecisive, they also value loyalty and beauty, so they’re quick to commit when they’ve found a suitable partner. However, they hate conflict and don’t handle endings well, so they may find themselves keeping the peace until they realize they’re not happy anymore. In the professional realm, Libra men are great team players but indecisive leaders, which is promising for potential partners and friends who want to be treated as equals.

Meet the Scorpio Woman: Intense, Ambitious & Independent

Scorpio comes right after Libra in the Zodiac, but this water sign is definitely more enigmatic and intense than its airy mate. The Scorpio woman is a straight-talker who has a strong sense of intuition and knows exactly how to use it. She’s curious about everyone she meets, but she wants to succeed and won’t settle down unless it fits into her plan. The Scorpio woman is passionate and complex, but to outsiders, she seems much less emotional than other water signs because she keeps her feelings under wraps.

Because Scorpio women see things in black-and-white, they also have a tendency toward stubbornness. This is fantastic when their minds are set on a specific goal, whether it’s romantic commitment or a professional project. But when they decide they’ve been scorned or disrespected, their focus will turn to revenge, and their reaction will be intense.

Romantic Compatibility: The Scales-Scorpion Love Match

So, how do these two signs fare in romance? Libra men don’t like being alone, while Scorpio women thrive when they feel independent and self-sufficient. Libra men adapt to others’ needs and avoid conflict at all costs. Meanwhile, Scorpio women are direct, stubborn, and fixed firmly on their own goals. When a Libra man is scorned, he withdraws. When a Scorpio woman is wronged, she unleashes revenge. These two signs may not sound like peas in a pod, but they’re actually among the best-matched pairs in the Zodiac, thanks in part to their passionate, loyal personalities and ability to commit.

Of course, Libra men and Scorpio women mostly get along because they balance each other out. If a Libra man wants to avoid a Scorpio woman’s sting – or a Scorpio woman wants to keep the romantic scales tipped in her favor – both should learn a little more about each other’s tendencies. Through a personal astrology reading, a Keen advisor can help you navigate your cosmic differences and similarities, but here are some pointers first.

Loving a Libra Man

Perhaps because he spends so much time adapting to everyone else’s needs and desires, the surest way to a Libra man’s heart is to truly understand what he wants and make him feel confident in his decisions. The Libra man likes to feel appreciated, to be shown off in public and prioritized by the people he cares about. As a Scorpio woman, you like to promote your partner and his accomplishments, because success is attractive and you care about your collective accomplishments.

Remember: as a Scorpio woman, it will be tempting to take advantage of his need to please. The Libra man will let you take the lead, because he weighs every decision carefully in an attempt to please you, and he won’t be upfront about his own emotions if they’re negative. Meanwhile, you might be a little too upfront, causing him to retreat further. When you bruise your Libra mate’s ego or neglect his needs, he can turn into a disrespectful, passive shell of his former self. Make sure he feels valued, loved, and understood to avoid a nasty surprise from your seemingly loyal partner.

Instead of taking charge, use your Scorpio intuition and initiative to find a happy medium. You don’t want a partner who stays completely docile and submissive, and he doesn’t want a partner who makes him feel silenced or used. Libra men are excited about trying new things and considering new ideas; they just don’t always have the motivation or confidence to take the lead. This is where you excel, so encourage your Libra partner to express himself and pursue his interests.

Loving a Scorpio Woman

Your Scorpio partner is driven to succeed and seek excitement in everything she does, and fortunately for you, that includes romance and sex. She demands loyalty, and she has a physical and psychological hunger for intimacy, which can work for or against you as a Libra man. If you give into your fickle nature or spread your affections too thin, her intensity may look like obsessiveness, possessiveness, or jealousy. But if you satisfy her appetite for closeness and embrace your own tendency to commit wholeheartedly, you’ll be rewarded with a partner who truly has your back (and wants the rest of you, too).

Although your compatibility is in the stars, there are definitely traps to avoid in this relationship. When sex and love are involved, the Scorpio woman is especially in tune with her partner’s moods and mannerisms, so she will do her best to open you up to see what’s really inside your mind and heart. Inquisitive, intuitive Scorpios can read laidback Libras better than most, but if she picks up on unspoken tension or secrecy, she may blow it out of proportion or make rash decisions. Technology makes even it more difficult to “read” each other’s intentions, so avoid text conversations about anything important or emotional, and don’t try to hide anything from her.  
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