Green Aura Meaning & Personality


Green aura personality represents growth and change. Some people are very flexible in how they move through the transitions in life, while it may be much harder for others. The way that your electromagnetic fields line up with the world around you can make a huge difference to how you feel. Similar to the polarity of a magnet, how your energy aligns with the universe makes the difference between being attracted or repelled.

Seven Layers of the Green Aura

The human aura has seven levels, and a green aura has very unique traits that define these levels.

  • Physical: comfort, health, your place in the material world. Those with a green aura may feel very grounded and connected to their home.
  • Astral: emotions. If you have a muddy green or deep forest green aura, chances are your emotions are running high and you may be acting out like the green eyed monster of jealousy.
  • Lower: thought patterns, values, ideas. Those in the green spectrum value creativity, family and finding balance in life.
  • Higher: self confidence and self worth. Like the bright emerald green you are true to yourself and are comfortable in your own skin.
  • Spiritual: connection with the universe. Take the time to let the noise of the day go, meditating on your connection to those around you.
  • Intuitional: celestial plane with peace, acceptance and patience. For those with a yellow green aura, channel this peace into something creative.
  • Absolute Planes: the plane that ties all the other planes together

Love and Relationships for a Green Aura

Love, balance, and creativity keep greens grounded in a relationship. You cherish those around you and have chosen friends and lovers that compliment your relaxed nature. When problems do arise, late nights spent talking or long phone calls to worried friends usually get the situation under control.

As a green in love, be sure that you are not always the mediator. It is important to surround yourself with a creative and caring partner. Too often, you may get swept up in the drama, because you are the one to fix it. Protect your heart and ensure that you are getting the romance that you deserve.

Additionally, beware the darker side of the green aura. Always being there for others may make you very protective over those you love, which can lead to jealousy. Know that your loyalty and creative spirit will keep those you love coming back and that you do not need to let your clingy side get the best of you.

When it comes time to find a partner, someone with a creative and optimistic yellow aura or the adventurous and outgoing orange aura may draw you near. These colors bring out your artistic side and will lead to lots of fun both in friendships and between the sheets. As you are rooted in balance, be sure that what you are missing from your life your partner is providing.

What are the Different Shades of Green Aura?

Green aura personalities signify balance with the universe. Much like the grass or the trees, green is a comfortable and natural color. However, there is more to it, depending on what shade of green you are.

Bright Emerald Green Aura

Like the Emerald City, you bring everyone together. Emerald green draws people in. Those with an emerald green aura are healers. Green itself is rooted in the heart and the lungs. Perhaps you are a doctor. Perhaps you are simply the one in your family that is always looking out for everyone else, bringing harmony and fostering a strong bond.

Being from the heart, a clear emerald green is also the color of love. If this is you, your life may revolve around the people and things that you hold dear. With this color, think like a minimalist:  if you love it, wonderful, if not, get it out of your life. There’s no need to spend time with things that do not make you your absolute happiest.

To nurture a bright emerald green aura spend time with those you love. Create gifts and experiences for the important people in your life. Spending a day with that special someone, out in nature, will fill your spirit with joy.

Yellow Green Aura

Green is the color of the heart and lungs. Yellow is the color of the spleen and life energy. Those with the combination of these two colors as their aura are creative, have love for life, and are very communicative. However, they may not be so much talkers as artists expressing themselves through painting, pottery, music or other creative outlets.

If you are finding yourself in a creative time in your life, this color may be bright around you. Perhaps you are going through a change in life and find that redecorating your home brings you joy. Perhaps you are drawn to galleries and museums on the grand scale as well as those smaller more eclectic neighborhood locations.

To nurture the yellow green aura let your creative side out. Whether you are in graduate school spending time studying neuroanatomy or the overnight manager at a hotel, reach for a coloring book. Get out your pencils and let your mind relax as your hands create something beautiful. Find a new way to express yourself that allows you to be artistic. Create something beautiful for you or share your talents by creating something beautiful for a friend.

Forest Green Aura

A dark green aura or muddy green aura signifies jealousy, feeling like the victim and viewing comments from others as criticism. A dark and muddy aura may have you lashing out at the world around you. This color is often seen in times of change. However, the hue does not have to stay so drab. Change can be undertaken by those with the more positive yellow green or bright emerald green auras.

Those with feelings of negativity, like the world is against them, would be well advised to spend time envisioning their aura as bright as fresh cut green grass or as sparkling as an emerald. Imagine that the ball of light around you is clearing, becoming bright and radiant. Spend time walking through the grass really thinking about the world around you to become once again grounded with the universe.

Finding Your Way in the Universe

If you have been feeling put off or uncomfortable with the way things are around you, our trusted advisors at Keen can help. We are here to let you know you are not stuck with the aura you have. Just as a rainbow changes through the various lenses of a prism, you can change your aura. You can harness the positive energy of a bright emerald green or yellow green aura and move forward with love and creativity.

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