Mars in Retrograde: June 26 – August 27, 2018

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by Keen Astrologer: AstroDevi

There is so much talk among people in the astrological community about this transit, and for good reason, too. I don’t know about you, but I always feel the energy of a planet before it moves signs or goes retrograde. The energy is undeniable!

Mars will retrograde at 15 degrees in Capricorn, its zodiac sign of exaltation. This means that Mars is very strong and intense in this sign. It becomes very powerful. Mars is an action-oriented planet. It has qualities of a Commander in Chief. It likes to lead, make decisions, fight, and go to war. It is the life force in the body and the drive behind what we do. Mars can easily be provoked due to its fiery nature. There is an impatient and aggressive tone with Mars. On a more positive note, its courageous, competitive, athletic, strong, motivated and determined. Mars also rules blood, weapons, property, real estate, injury, and conflict to name a few.

Ketu is also transiting Capricorn and is at 13 degrees at the time Mars goes retrograde. Both Ketu and Mars are in conjunction. Ketu in Vedic astrology is the dragons body. It roams aimlessly without a head. Ketu uses its other senses without the reasoning mind. Ketu brings loss, and can deny something or make something disappear from your life. It is also a powerful indicator of death. Ketu rules inner conflict, doubt, confusion, addictions, alcoholism, intuition, spiritual insight, surgeries, medical malpractice, and the past to name a few. Ketu can bring terrorism, war, destruction, weapons, secrets, paranoia, anxiety, loss, death and liberation. Ketu can also make you feel like you are missing or lacking something in your life.

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When Mars goes retrograde there is a huge pull and intense driving force, especially when it’s in exaltation in Capricorn. I liken planets that go retrograde to inhaling deeply, filling up the lungs so much, so that your chest boasts outward and forward. You are building up all this pressure inside until you are ready to exhale and let it go.

Mars and Ketu are in the nakshatra of Shravana. Shravana literally means “to listen” or “to hear.” With these two planets here, it is important to pay attention to your intuition and to do things that are soothing. The ruling planet for Shravana is the Moon. Therefore, we not only look at which house Capricorn is from the Ascendant, it’s also important to also look at which house Capricorn is from the Moon in your natal chart, as this house will also be effected and be of concern.

Already, we have Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto all in retrograde, therefore it’s certainly a lot more work, pressure and attention that needs to be paid to the houses they are in. If some of your natal planets are retrograde, then it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Also, pay attention to which house is in Cancer, as Cancer and Capricorn are in opposition to one another which can bring conflict and struggles between the two. Cancer has Mercury, Rahu and Venus in transit there. So, be sure to check out the effects of these transits in accordance to your natal chart.

With Mars in retrograde and Ketu in transit, it can bring terrorism, fighting, and attacks. Being that it’s summer time in the northern hemisphere, the hot weather mixed with a dose of frustration could really get people upset to the point of acting out impulsively and regrettably. It’s important to exercise patience and engage in activities that are peaceful and calming as many people will be very sensitive during this transit.

As powerful as Mars is during this transit, keep in mind its retrograde. When Mars is retrograde it’s as if the leadership in Mars is retired.

As Capricorn is the natural 10th house of career, you can expect loss of jobs, mass firings, many companies doing huge layoffs, even companies closing down. Dow Jones will drop significantly as we approach the 26th, 27th and/or within the 2 weeks following. The foreclosure rates will significantly increase during this time. There will be losses or sacrifices on some level for everyone. High risk of injuries and deaths.

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Tips for Mars Retrograde:

– Avoid starting fights, you will live to regret it.

– Be careful signing agreements/contracts. Check them 1-2-3-4-5 times.

– Avoid beginning litigation during this time, strong chance you will lose.

– Avoid surgery during this period.

– Be sure to take care of your skin.

– Avoid laser skin treatments.

– There could be a loss of power (meaning electricity, or position of power)

– Avoid carelessness as you can make yourself vulnerable to thieves.

– This is not a time to begin a new job as it will be temporary.

– If you are in real estate, real estate development, mining, financial planning, antiquities, a laborer, or computer programming, you may lose your job, suffer a setback, lose a position and be put in a new direction vocationally.

– Avoid beginning new relationships during this time as this will also be temporary.

– Avoid getting engaged during this time.

– Avoid combative sports

– You are likely to sacrifice something or give up something.

– You are likely to have some responsibility taken away from you.

– Be extremely cautious using mechanical equipment or tools for digging.

– Be just as careful driving vehicles.

– Have a plan B set in place, if you are at risk of foreclosure.

– For parents with children at summer camps, be sure to talk to your children about playing safely and how avoid confrontations.

Recommended Rituals for Mars Retrograde:

– Strike chimes daily.

– Play or listen to soft music with the sounds of the flute or bells.

– Get some fresh air! Meditate, pray, and relax in nature.

– Donate blood.

– Get some exercise! Try Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, or swimming.

– Relax at the beach.

– Travel locally.

– Give red apples to someone you know.

– Keep a statue or picture of an elephant in your home.

In astrology we say when you are aware and conscious of the stars, you can use your free will to alter your experience here on earth. By simply following astrology, you will automatically open your mind and the possibilities of an alternate and more positive experience. And so, the more conscious you are, the better you can navigate through these intense transits.


About the Author:

AstroDevi is a professional Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Channeler, Remote Viewer, Numerologist who incorporates Vedic Astrology in her work. She has over 35 years of experience. AstroDevi specializes in relationships, numerology and world predictions. Connect today for guidance on your future and clarity regarding your past and present.

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