Pisces Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Pisces man and Aquarius woman share a certain degree of similarities as well as incompatible traits that can make the success of most matches a flip of the coin. For this pair, it is not what they get out of the relationship but more of what they bring in. The Pisces man is a dreamer and unlike anyone the Aquarius woman has ever met. This uniqueness makes him desirable to a sign that cherishes the new and different. The Pisces man is likely to be enthralled by a woman who shares his devotion to helping people while also understanding the need for alone time. The puzzle is complete with the exception of one piece, emotional connection. The emotional needs of a Pisces are high and simply cannot be glossed over if there is any hope for a long-term relationship or even a close friendship. The Pisces man is not picky, but if the inquiring Aquarius woman is not willing to fulfill this need even at the bare minimum, then he will end up hurt in the end. This is one relationship where both sides must come prepared when shooting for a happy ending. Discover exactly what it takes to succeed by reading our compatibility guide below.

Basic Compatibility

Aquarius women and Pisces men are both generally free spirits, albeit in different ways. The water-bearer passively rebels against any sort of control or defined path, preferring to forge her own whenever possible. Pisces men are dreamers who truly believe if it can be dreamt, it can be done or achieved. His passions are powerful enough that he lets no one tell him no as they pull him through life like the current of a river. The selfless humanitarian nature of both signs is yet another bonding point, as they will readily enjoy helping those in need together. Another strength is the shared love of time spent alone, for it is the selflessly devoted signs which always need time to rest and recharge when they have given their all to other people. Honesty, loyalty, and devotion to friends is something else Pisces men and Aquarius women have in common, but it is in love where their strongest bond lies. The fish and the water-bearer both flee from futureless relationships, with no desire for one-night stands or meaningless flings with no regard for true compatibility. The Pisces man wants forever, with all the romance that entails, and the Aquarius woman guards her heart against games.

While there are definitely several areas where Pisces men and Aquarius women complement each other, there are also clear areas where they do not. The Pisces man runs hot with his feelings, putting great efforts into romance and an emotional connection with his partner. The Aquarius woman runs cold, doing her best to dodge all of those sticky emotions and preserve her independence. A relationship between the two may be desperate for leadership as Pisces needs the helping hand to bring him back to reality but Aquarius neither leads nor follows. The Aquarius woman has a very pragmatic view of life, refusing to waste her time lost in dreams that are a far stretch from reality. If things are not as she wishes, she will either leave or work to make them better. The Pisces man needs a partner who at least supports his dreams, even if they remain the anchor that keeps him grounded. Still, his tendency to dream his way out of unhappy situations doesn’t sit well with the Aquarius woman. The largest problem area will forever be the emotional issue, as what the Pisces man calls love and affection will be insufferable smothering for the water-bearer.

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Love And Relationships

The Pisces man is an introvert at heart, but most would never know it for he is consistently surrounded by companions. He will never turn down a new friend and his affable nature ensures there are plenty. He has a high degree of intuitive empathy that keys him in on those in need of help. It is not uncommon for those once assisted individuals to repay him with friendship in gratitude. The fish is overly trusting to a fault and easily manipulated, but his pure devotion to friends and loved ones is unmatched. Aquarius women are bubbly extroverts who adore being in the company of people albeit with a caveat. She has strict demands for her friends to keep things new, interesting, and exciting. Due to this, she is rather picky with those she keeps company with. In addition, her heart remains guarded, barring nearly all from any opportunity to be labeled a close friend. While she is compassionate and kind, she chooses not to expend emotional investment on those she can’t be sure will forever meet her expectations. For both signs, loyalty and responsiveness in a time of need for their friends is unmatched; they will never let you down.

Intimate relationships hold some promise for the pair, simply because for an Aquarius to allow it to reach this point there must have been so much going perfectly. The Aquarius woman reveals her emotional side in a truly loving relationship, and while it will never be on par with a Pisces man, it can often be enough to satisfy him. Sexual intimacy is beloved by both but for different reasons. For the water-bearer, it is a fun activity and one of the few moments she allows herself to feel vulnerable. The Pisces man will always view sex as a sweet, passionate moment of emotional expression – and yet another way to demonstrate his selfless nature. Happiness for them both may take compromising and communication, but it is not an impossibility once a relationship reaches this stage.

Working Together

Pisces men and Aquarius women are not the best partners in the working environment, but they also won’t cause drama if forced to work together. Pisces prefers working in a group, allowing him to put his strengths at helping people to work. Aquarius likes working alone, but can also perform well in a group. Both signs are extremely passionate about their ideas and visions for where a project should go, although Aquarius is more likely to fight when challenged with a different direction. You can expect the fish and water-bearer to work hard, especially if their work aligns with humanitarian pursuits. Together, they stay out of trouble and are generally not a liability.

A pairing between an Aquarius woman and a Pisces man holds a lot of challenges as well as benefits in the long run. The closer the relationship, the higher the chance that it will remain strong and enduring. While they have drastically different emotional needs, the tolerance of Pisces and compassionate nature of an Aquarius woman can often lead to things working out with the right amount of effort. It won’t be easy, and neither partner should ignore things that are extremely important to them all for the sake of love. Expectations and needs must be clearly communicated in order to ensure success for this quite contrary pair.

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