Align With Your Inner Being

by Keen Psychic: Citrine Angel

An energetic build up has accumulated over the last few years, in what Carl Jung defined as the Collective Unconsciousness. This is a mass of energy that has been put together over time from innermost feelings and hard-won wisdom of all the people that have shared this earth. This energy connects us all and helps us feel certain of what we know. I believe these recent accumulations have implemented and yielded incredible and positive changes, like empowerment for women and greater overall accountability. 2018 feels like a pivotal year, when the momentous energy builds up from our planet, as well our benevolent non-physical spiritual benefactors, will accumulate and take wonderful, beautiful root in the sacred soil of our hearts and minds. And what wonderful things will flower as a result!

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One outcome of this energetic amassing is transparency; the stark and visible actuality of how things and people really are. It is so much more plainly and distinctly apparent, and absolutely known. This is because the magnitude of our personal and global energy is increasing, and the stream of this energy is much faster. We need to go with these changes, to let their fast-moving current carry us to new places, to the new earth that we are now a part of, and the new versions of ourselves. This is a very exciting time to be alive! The new awareness of this transparency is making everyone hold themselves more accountable!

With greater integrity, people also find increased clarity. This is such a boon, because suddenly everything becomes clear and all can understand where they are, why they are here, and how to get where they want to be. This can only come with deep clarity because this emotional state indicates a secure connection with one’s Inner Being. Then we see with those eyes.

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Our Inner Beings love us utterly. It is hard to fathom just how much, but it is very real and always there. Our Inner Beings are pricelessly wise beings who only try to guide and help us. They love us that much. When we give in to all that we feel, all that we know is true inside us, and align once again with our Inner Beings, we are new and the world is new, and that is delicious. We are also absolutely contributing to the glorious expansion of our universe in the most profound way. We are creating new that was not there before. And that is miraculous.

About the Author:

My screen name is Citrine Angel and I am a reader here at KEEN, I am a single mother of 3 boys who are quite grown up now, I am working on getting them into college, I like to write, draw, paint, play skeeball when I can, help people all I can, and learn and grow.

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