Renew Your Romance


If you’re in a happy relationship, it’s tempting to think you’ve struck lucky and that now you can sit back and relax. Not so! All relationships need ongoing care and attention, whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or several decades. Here’s our guide to making sure that yours can stand the test of time.


You’re fiery, passionate and competitive by nature, which is what attracted your partner to you. However, your inherent selfishness can be a problem as the relationship develops, and your need to win at all costs can provoke constant needless arguments.

Renew your romance by allowing your lover to take charge, both in and out of the bedroom. Follow your partner’s interests, instead of expecting him or her to follow yours.


Slow burning sensuality and a focused determination are good ingredients for a long-lasting relationship – but what happens when your lover tires of your lazy streak, or is upset by your reluctance to change? Your refusal to take a chance could be stifling your love.

Renew your romance by taking a walk on the wild side, just occasionally. Find reasons to say yes, instead of reasons to say no. Look after your health to increase your energy, and show that you’re up for some fun.


Communication isn’t a problem in your relationship, and you’ve kept the fun alive too. However, your wish to surround yourself with friends (and your need to do 18 other things while talking to your lover) could be having an adverse impact on your relationship.

Renew your romance by giving your lover your undivided attention. Cut down on the social engagements, and on hobbies which you don’t share. This year, invest time in your relationship first and foremost.


You’re nurturing, loving, giving and supportive – a rock for your partner. However, your moodiness can be unreasonable, and you’re capable of saying some very mean things, which can destabilize the relationship. It’s important not to let familiarity become contempt.

Renew your romance by focusing on the positives. Make an effort to smile more and to be more affectionate to your other half, even when you don’t really feel like it. Positivity breeds love.


Flamboyant and generous, you’re a high energy lover and you pay great attention to your partner. However, sometimes you make him or her feel like a plaything rather than your equal. It helps to avoid discord in your relationship if you show a little more respect.

Renew your romance by making sure your partner knows that you’re proud of him or her. Praise your partner’s achievements in their own right, not just because you can bask in reflected glory.


You keep a meticulous home and you’re always there to help your partner. Nobody could question your commitment to the relationship, but your nagging is enough to create a rift between the two of you in later years. Trying to improve your partner can be insulting.

Renew your romance by remembering why you fell in love with this imperfect human. Accept that nobody, including you, is perfect, and that you love this person, warts and all.


Romantic and idealistic, you have high hopes for your partnership and you’re charm personified towards your lover. However, you’re also high maintenance, and in need of constant reassurance, which can quickly become tiresome to all but the most dutiful mate.

Renew your romance by working on your own self-esteem. Your relationship will blossom further if you can become less needy and more able to stand on your own two feet.


Passionate and driven, you’re intensely focused on your relationship and will do all that it takes to keep your lover. However, such intensity can be suffocating (not to mention scary) – and your need to exert control over the relationship can force a partner into constant confrontations.

Renew your romance by taking some time out – not away from the relationship, but to develop your own interests, hobbies and friendships, allowing your partner some room to breathe.


Adventurous and fun loving, you bring a joie de vivre to your relationship which is hard to beat. You’re also never afraid of a challenge, but your restlessness and blunt approach to life can be off-putting and frightening for a partner who seeks some stability.

Renew your romance by slowing down! Take time to just enjoy where you are together, without constantly urging your partner to get to the next horizon, next destination, next challenge.


You’re a responsible and highly committed partner, devoted to providing for your family. However, you do get bogged down with the practicalities of life and you forget to live – this, plus your long hours at work can easily suck the passion from a relationship.

Renew your romance by embracing spontaneity. Abandon your daily routines now and then to sweep your lover off his or her feet. Offer up some surprises, and avoid schedules.


You offer your partner a lot of respect and space, and you enjoy your mutual friendship very much. However, you avoid commitment like the plague, and your partner may be constantly on tenterhooks about how you really feel – because you don’t say.

Renew your romance by talking from the heart. Say the things you’ve always meant to say. Make a formal commitment if you can, but if you really don’t want to, make sure your partner understands why.


Gentle, sensitive and dreamy, you bring an ethereal magic to your relationship and your kindness to your partner endures any tough times. You can be very unrealistic, however, and vague, and this can infuriate a partner who is trying to plan for the future.

Renew your romance by making some plans. Life can’t just drift along forever. Work together to come up with some shared goals, and do your bit in making your joint future happen.

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