Valentine’s Day Gift Guide by Sign


Romantic gifts are so tricky. Get it right and you could make his or her year; get it wrong and you’ll be sleeping in the dog house for weeks. Here’s our tongue in cheek guide to what really turns your lover on, gift-wise – and what you’ll never live down.  If you are really stuck, make a call to a KEEN advisor for love advice.


Your Aries lover wants to save time, win, take risks or show off. A romantic gift which ticks at least two of these boxes will keep them smiling for a long time.

Good Ideas: Extreme sports lessons, a luxury watch

Bad Idea: A slow cooker


Your Taurus lover wants to indulge the senses. Food, wine and high quality fabrics are perfect; anything which requires too much effort is not.

Good Ideas: An expensive dinner for two, a luxury picnic

Bad Idea: An exercise bike


Your Gemini lover wants to learn something new, communicate it quickly or play with the latest gadgets. He or she won’t appreciate anything old fashioned.

Good Ideas: The latest smartphone, an interesting book

Bad Idea: Antique furniture.


Your Cancer lover is sentimental and homely. He or she appreciates crafts and home made gifts, but also loves anything nostalgic. Making him or her cry is a bonus.

Good Ideas: Genealogical research vouchers, home made heart shaped cookies

Bad Idea: A round the world cruise


Your Leo lover adores all things luxurious, and the more expensive the better. He or she also appreciates anything related to drama, or which strokes that huge ego.

Good Ideas: Acting lessons, designer clothes

Bad Idea: Anything from a budget store


Your Virgo lover is practical and won’t be offended by practical gifts. His or her romantic streak, however, would love something health conscious and ethical.

Good Ideas: A home gym, a spa day

Bad Idea: Cosmetics tested on animals


Your Libra lover is charmed by beautiful things and by beauty itself. Ideal gifts are very refined; anything which involves sweat or dirt is a definite no-no.

Good Ideas: A piece of art, make up lessons

Bad Idea: A quad bike session


Your Scorpio lover adores mystery and magic and will go weak at the knees for anything…odd. Avoid the predictable, unless it’s sexy underwear, which also works.

Good Ideas: A night in a haunted castle, a telescope

Bad Idea: Chocolates


Your Sagittarius lover wants something funny, or something related to a good cause. Travel gifts are always good too… less good is anything requiring commitment. 

Good Ideas: A charity gift, a trip to a comedy show

Bad Idea: A course of 16 how-to-get-rich-quick lessons


Your Capricorn lover likes traditional gifts, and hates anything too extravagant. High quality goods will be appreciated, but dramatic surprises certainly won’t be.

Good Ideas: An antique leather desk, wine and roses

Bad Idea: A surprise second honeymoon


Your Aquarius lover is a techno geek and always ahead of his or her time. The more eccentric the gift the better – the one thing Aquarius can’t stand is a boring present.

Good Ideas: A seat on a space shuttle, a collection of shrunken heads

Bad Idea: Dinner for two


Your Pisces lover is born romantic and would love any gift which brings you closer together. Avoid fresh cut flowers – he or she would much prefer a living pot plant.

Good Ideas: A cosy winter weekend for two, a soppy film and popcorn

Bad Idea: An all expenses paid trip away – without you

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