Sagittarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

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Sagittarius men and women seeking to embrace a romantic relationship with a fellow Sagittarius are truly in luck. You may be used to struggling with partners who simply cannot match or satisfy your adventurous spirit, but with another archer, you have a life partner to join you for all your thrills. Whether Sagittarius women and men are traveling the world together or simply enjoying the best life has to offer closer to home, your compatibility and attraction will know no limits.

Naturally, there can be a few downsides to a typically otherwise blissful relationship. One main point of contention is finding a reliable decision maker between the two of you. Sagittarius-born are well-known for being lovers of freedom and occasionally devoted dodgers of responsibility. Unfortunately for them, life is not all fun and games so someone needs to step up to the plate. Regardless, sorting out these issues may seem easy and minor when you are meshing so well. For the wild child of the zodiac, looking for love with those who share your sign is never a bad decision.

Basic Compatibility

The beloved archers of the zodiac bring nothing but positivity to all that they do. They have a will and a zest for life that can neither be broken nor restrained. Their sense of humor is unmatched and they struggle to understand people who lean towards pessimism or are frequently feeling anything less than happy. When in a matched pair, this all works out to the advantage of both – and it is likely you will both spend the great majority of your time together happier than you’ve ever imagined. The raw, unfiltered honesty of Sagittarius men and women is yet another trait they are known for. While it can be less than ideal for those who get their feelings hurt easily, most fellow archers will adore getting bluntly honest responses from their partners.

There are a select few compatibility issues that this mirror match can find themselves dealing with. Commitment will always be the bane of Sagittarius and this only gets worse with two. The innate love for freedom and fear of being locked down to a perceived monotonous, boring lifestyle can keep some Sagittarius men and women dancing around committing for what seems like forever. Learning to work together and sacrificing some of your independence to make a relationship functional is another struggle. Handling leadership and responsibilities when there is more to think about than just yourself has always been a major problem with archers. While having a wild and somewhat rebellious spirit can be attractive, real life requires responsibility and doing things that are not always fun and exciting.

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Love And Relationships

Sagittarius-born are extremely social creatures at heart. Your upbeat attitude and natural charm no doubt draw in everyone around you and this only gets easier when attracting other archers. Friendships come easily and you belong to one of the few signs who don’t require matching values or anything of the sort from potential friends. The only real requirement is that people be fun to be around and able to join you on your adventures from time to time. You can expect loyalty and dependability from another Sagittarius despite their spontaneous nature. They fight to keep to their promises and mean every word that exits their mouth. When forging a friendship with another Sagittarius you won’t have any trouble looking for a partner in crime, so to speak. Even if your relationship never blossoms into something more, the chance that you will become and remain best friends is extremely high.

Intimate relationships between two Sagittariuses only make the great compatibility and bonding even stronger. Sagittarius men and women tend to have overwhelmingly active sex drives that can be difficult for other signs to satisfy, but not for a fellow archer. All the things that make life grand can often be easily found in this match. Your unrelenting passion that is common for a fire sign will not only be accepted, but it will be truly understood and mirrored. If you have made it this far, it should be pure bliss from here on out as the largest obstacle would have been the initial commitment. In this match, it is more than clear that you will not have to surrender your freedom or give up enjoying life to its fullest. While your hobbies may not match, the passion Sagittarius women and men both possess for activities in general is often more than enough to strengthen a bond.

Working Together

Two Sagittariuses will have no problem sharing the workplace with each other. While archers love to set goals and tackle challenges, they are often just competing against themselves and not other people. They have ambition, but it is unlikely to soar to the point of causing discord between them. Archers thrive in sales environments or any careers that are fast-paced and not endlessly monotonous. Drama is almost unheard of, but the excited, passionate nature of Sagittarius may make it hard to keep displays of affection between partners nonexistent.

Sagittarius men and women strike gold if their paths embrace one another for any manner of close bonding. The wild and somewhat rebellious nature of the archer is a tall order for all but a few signs, and luckily a fellow archer is best equipped to deal with it. Whether you are looking for a best friend or simply a life partner, you truly can’t go wrong including your own sign in the mix. Enjoy the experience of having someone who will never let your smile fade away or desire to retire from seeking out life’s many adventures.

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