What Does it Mean to Be a Scorpio?

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Scorpio men and women live their lives guided by their passions. Every decision you make has a real, intense emotion behind it, even if it is only fleeting anger. This is why the passionate affections of a Scorpio are hard to resist and the sting of the betrayed hurts deeply. Scorpio-born are known for being somewhat mysterious and hard to read, but this is only until the gates holding back your growing passion spring open full force. To other signs, passion sounds like it may only apply to a hobby or an intimate relationship, but for you, it applies to everything. It’s a Scorpio thing. Your energy is unmatched, and it oozes out of you when you are out and about with friends or off on adventures. Despite it all, you can be calm when necessary in the face of those whose intentions you are unsure about. Like all Scorpio-born, you have a great affinity for the secrets of others but are reluctant to share your own. Whether it is in self-defense or pure curiosity, no one can truly say, but you delight in being the untouchable enigma one moment and the predictable passionate presence the next. Discover the world of Scorpio and all the common traits you may share with others of your star sign by reading further.

Mythology And Facts About The Perfectly Passionate Scorpio

If you were born between October 23rd and November 21st, then you are lucky enough to join the ranks of the enigmatic Scorpio-born. Famous Scorpios include Marie Antoinette, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Christopher Columbus. Like many zodiac signs, there are varied versions of the myths from which Scorpio originates. The most popular myth holds that a hunter called Orion bragged that he could slay every animal on earth, and planned to do so. In response, Gaia, the goddess of the earth and all living things, sent a monstrous scorpion to fight Orion and kill him to save the creatures of the earth. The scorpion succeeded and was raised into the sky as Scorpio in thanks and recognition for his bravery. This myth ties in with Scorpio men and women as the sign is known for its courage and determination. Another way the myth relates is with the tendency of Scorpios to be secretive and not egotistical. Had Orion not declared to the gods themselves that he would wipe the animals out, he may well have succeeded. In a way, it makes sense for Scorpio-born who seek the secrets of others but never declare their own intents.

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Scorpio Traits And Behaviors

Scorpio men and women are intelligent, ambitious, and very sexual. On a list of traits about Scorpios, it will be hard to miss all of those related to romance and sexual matters, as a healthy appreciation for both is practically integral to you. In spite of the raw and powerful emotion driving your every action, you are careful in forging friendships and relationships. Your weakness is most assuredly your emotions, so when you are harmed despite carefully selecting those close to you, the payback is often devastating to whoever wronged you. Honesty is the single most important thing to you whether it is merely a friendship or an intimate relationship. You can put up with many things in a partner, but the inability to trust them will always be a deal breaker. Your intelligence and assertiveness make you a fantastic leader, and a friend anyone would love to have on their side. You are protective and will allow neither yourself nor those you care about to be used and manipulated. The devotion Scorpio women and men show to loved ones is absolute, as they would never forgive themselves for failing to be by their side.

Naturally, Scorpio-born are not free of all weaknesses and problems. An unhealthy emotional state can cause your protectiveness to turn into possessiveness. You are capable of extreme jealousy to the point that it can ruin your relationship. Scars from past relationships can make it feel impossible to trust new partners, leading to unfairly stifling their enjoyment and social life in order to make you happy. The stubbornness and leanings toward an unforgiving nature are common roadblocks to you finding success with your partner. Even when dutifully working on your problems, it’s hard for Scorpios to remember coping skills in a moment of great wrath. Unfortunately, you cannot experience just the good things in life at a 10, as the negatives enjoy those same emotional heights.

Scorpio Guidance And Needs

Life as a Scorpio is difficult as your foot is always on the gas and never the brake. Emotional control is hard to achieve, not impossible. No one expects you to remain calm after heartbreak or betrayal, but try to focus on a reasonable response. The temptation to destroy your own world just to get them too can be powerful after suffering cruelty, but it is not worth entertaining. If you find your relationships constantly failing, you must consider if you are being unfair. You cannot expect all from your partner while you only give 50%. Love doesn’t work that way, and you can’t use fear of vulnerability to legitimize a cycle of taking without giving. As a Scorpio, you are intelligent, dependable, loyal and brave, so if it is your negatives you become known for, the problem lies within. You need people in your life who are independent, strong and have emotional traits that compliment yours.

For the Scorpio man and woman, A Taurus man or woman is your ideal karmic partner. The bull’s calmer, laid-back approach to free time may seem boring but it will provide an anchor and safe place for you to fall back on when overwhelmed. Taurus-born are kind and very receptive to emotional partners, but strong enough to stand by your side or even in front when you are under threat. Your shared love for all things sexual and romantic makes you ideal for the intimate aspects of your relationship. Lastly, Taurus women and men are as reliable and honest as Scorpios are, making the chance of hitting you where it hurts very low.

As Scorpio men and women, you are beloved and exciting to almost all you meet, no doubt drawing them in with your magnetizing charm. The energy that flows within has you breezing through life with apparent ease, but beware an unseen obstacle doesn’t send you flying. Your future is bright, as long as you follow your passions and keep a tight grip on your wild emotions.

To be a Scorpio is to put every fiber of your being into every action you take, with no half-measures. It has its good days and its bad ones, but you will always rise from the ashes even in times of trouble.

This was but a glimpse of the average Scorpio, including traits most commonly seen. Alas, everyone is different and forged by their personal experiences. Consider an online psychic reading by one of our advisors for insights and guidance that is personalized to you and your needs.

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