20 Psychics Celebrate Keen’s 20th Anniversary

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Since 1999, Keen has been a platform that strives to connect people with the intuitive insights and spiritual guidance they are seeking. Over the past two decades, we have hosted over 45 MILLION conversations between customers and psychic, tarot readers, astrologers, spiritual guides, and many other intuitives.

Keen would not be where it is today without the incredible advisors who have shared their gifts with our community for the past 20 years. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we asked 20 long-time advisors for their most memorable moments on Keen.


Joined Keen in September 2001

I have so many memorable moments giving readings on Keen all these years. Some of my regulars have been speaking with me since 1997. It’s the relationships, the families, being there when success comes and helping when they believe they have failed, only to see them rise stronger than ever. It’s seeing them get married, have babies, find love, start a career in acting and become a huge success, on and on and on. I’ve experienced so much through my relationships with my clients. I’m blessed to use my abilities to help others and it shows in the length of the connections I have.

Ms. Crystal

Joined Keen in May 2000

Looking back over many memorable moments and clients, as I do have many from the last 20 years, would have to be when I help guide a woman to leave an abusive relationship. That was very rewarding! Especially when she called me months later much happier and super thankful for my guidance. Keen has been a wonderful platform to offer spiritual guidance to many clients throughout the world. I’ve been very thankful for the opportunity given to me by Keen!


Joined Keen in August 2000

The most memorable parts of the last 20 years of being part of the Keen family are of forming long-term connections with my clients internationally. I love helping people around the world with their questions and how to navigate their lives well. Also, I have loved watching Keen’s transformation over the years! opened a path for me to grow my business. Forever grateful!

Storm Cestavani

Joined Keen in September 2000

I believe that Keen has elevated the advisor experience beyond the scope of the psychic lines and helped advisors create a sustainable. In essence, psychics had a chance to build a thriving business that allowed their talents to shine with the customer base. This “new” model has helped shape and change the industry for the better.

Empress Dawn

Joined Keen in September 2000

My most memorable moments have been clients following up with me to share how I touched their lives in such a positive way. It is fulfilling to hear their gratitude for getting them through the good and bad times, and for giving them the support they needed to get them to the next stage of their lives. It is like being a part of such a wonderful family that you watch evolve.

Cassandras Love Readings

Joined Keen in October 2001

My most memorable moments are when a client tells me I was right in my predictions and that I have helped them. Every day is memorable to me. I love my job, I just wish there were more of me so I could work more!


Joined Keen in September 2002

As an advisor on Keen, my most memorable moments in life happened because Keen gave me the flexibility to do what I love while traveling and raising my family. I’ve been a single mom since 2001, when I began working on Keen, and being able to set my hours doing work that I love has made it possible for me to support both my family and my clients. I feel honored in many ways to be here for the Keen community and I love the freedom I have to live my most fulfilling life while having my ideal job.

Victoria Sands

Joined Keen in September 2001

]As you may or may not know, I started on Keen September 12, 2001 a day after the horrific events that changed all our lives forever. That very morning my guides sent me the Keen web site and the rest is history. I have been operating 24/7 ever since that first day. I have spoken to thousands of people from all over the world. For all the good, the bad, the challenging and the heartwarming, I would not change one day and hope to be here on Keen forever. I love to hear the many new voices I get to make friends with every day.

Jane Wilcox

Joined Keen in April 2001

Watching the enormous growth and evolution of Keen over the years has been one of the most rewarding things. The features that have been implemented over the years to allow our business to flow better and better are so nice. The educational materials available to callers now are very beneficial. Keen has a fabulous pool of authors that write such informative and educational articles, I now am able to send those links to offer more in-depth explanations and provide examples of the point that I am trying to make. Those “lightbulb” moments are priceless.

Apache Widow

Joined Keen in April 2001

My most memorable moments have been helping people find their way back “home.” There are a lot of ways to be lost, sometimes things are out of our control, sometimes we take a wrong turn. We search for our way back to “normal.” We look for everything we lost, family, dreams, friends, for those that did not make it. Sometimes being lost is just not knowing how to get from where we are, to where we want to be. A few choice words, a gesture, a gift or an enlightened human can sometimes be the way that you get home.

Silver Faery Hawk

Joined Keen in March 2001

My most favorable memory was the first day I signed up for Keen almost 19 years ago now. I was so nervous but excited as I loved talking to people. I remember there were not that many advisors on there in 2001, but it was exciting to be a part of a company I felt would grow and man has it. Keen is my “dream job” and I am so grateful each and every day that God somehow got me to Keen’s site on that fateful day in March of 2001.

Leslie Hale

Joined Keen in June 2001

When I first joined Keen, I had no idea if anyone would really call. Now, I’ve read for the princess, the pauper, the politician, the pop star and everyday people. I have clients who are realtors, doctors, nurses, secretaries and hairstylists. Everyone has an interesting story and an interesting chart, every reading is a memorable experience. Clients and other readers have become friends. The best days are when those clients I have known for years call, and while I am doing my job it’s like sitting in the living room with an old friend. I often think when I am really old these will be the things I remember. My early dream as a young girl looking up at the stars was to be the very first female astronaut and travel the solar system. Sally Ride beat me to that, but yet in a way, I never expected my dream did happen and I travel the galaxy every day with my clients and friends.

Visionary Life Coach

Joined Keen in September 2001

The first most memorable thing about Keen was when I first discovered Keen. Keen enhanced the opportunity the work from home from anywhere in the world that was huge. Being able to continue doing work that I love after moving across the world, and to do it on my own terms, was magical! Then in recent years, there has been an explosion of positive energy on Keen, and I am so happy to feel like I am part of a company that offers us, advisors, tons of support.


Joined Keen in December 1999

For me, I remember the day exactly. I put one of those AOL CDs in and the rest is history. Remember all those free disks that were everywhere? It had been sitting next to my computer for quite a while and on that day, in December, something compelled me to put it in. I kid you not, Keen popped up so I checked out the site. To think of all the personal and professional things I have been through in that time…whew! The company and site have changed a lot, and the best is yet to come.

My Sweet Psychic

Joined Keen in September 2000

There have been so many interesting developments that I have experienced over the past twenty years, so many I couldn’t possibly share them all! I have predicted relationships, children, and marriages. I get to intimately understand people and have learned so much about myself in the process! Dynamic difficult situations don’t scare me a bit, I relish the opportunity to bring clarity and peace. 2020 is almost here and I am so grateful to be here on Keen! Sincerely looking forward to another 20! Congratulations Keen, Callers and Advisors!

Goddess Dawn Sandum

Joined Keen in May 2000

My most memorable moments on the last 20 years have been the true connections made and seeing others realize their true full potential. I love doing what I can to bring out the best in the seekers. Sending them love!

Sedona Creations

Joined Keen in June 2001

When I first joined Keen, I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I knew I had many years of experience working as an advisor in Sedona, Az. This was going to be different I was talking to people over the phone. Within a week or two I was comfortable and on a roll. I believed in my work and I felt if I persevered I would be taken care of, despite any challenges that would come along the way. I will say the greatest lesson I learned would be to know when I am supposed to take my hands off the steering wheel and let my Spiritual Family do the driving.


Joined Keen in August 2000

One memorable moment was being listed as the #2 top advisor here on Keen. I worked hard to get that and had wonderful clients to read for the time I held that position. It made me smile! My mentor here on Keen was number 1 and she was so happy to see I made it to the 5. As most readers, we are eager to give the best reading we can.

The Psychic One

Joined Keen in May 2000

My first impression of the Keen community was my interactions with people who sincerely wanted my support and guidance about love, relationships, and career. I was also so pleased that Keen was a community that was great support for a newer psychic conducting professional readings for the first time. I love working with this group and being there to help people in need. Thank you to everyone who has put their trust in me.

Aura Angel of Truth

Joined Keen in August 2000

My most memorable times on Keen? Wow! The fact that I am still here is because of my wonderful customers. I have kept most of my clients all 20 years. They are astonished at me recalling their names no matter how long it has been! I love the gratification that comes from helping people as a true empath. Thank you, God and Keen for enabling me to positively impact lives!

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