Scorpio Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility


Scorpio men and Aquarius women are two of the more wild members of the zodiac, prone to giving grief to those who seek to tame them or control their differences. At first glance, it may seem that the pair would be ideal for each other but, unfortunately, that is not the case. The scorpion and the water-bearer are untamable for entirely different reasons, making compatibility between these two difficult. He runs hot off of passion and intensity in all he does and unfiltered emotion guides his heart and hand. The Aquarius woman, on the other hand, is a lover of freedom and readily runs from the emotional snare that signs like Scorpio represent. A relationship between the two is not impossible, but it will be difficult as the possessive scorpion is known for demanding all lest he gets suspicious. For her, success may all hinge on just how much freedom he is willing to give her.

Basic Compatibility

The Aquarius woman, like all air signs, is a far more intellectual than emotional being. The hot, stickiness of emotions is a shackle she’d rather not deal with, so she instead goes through life overwhelmingly happy and optimistic as a baseline. She is a humanitarian and when she is helping people it is one of the few ways you will ever witness raw and unquenchable passion in an Aquarius. Even though the water-bearer is prone to dodging commitments, her loyalty and dependability rank at the highest levels, so when she agrees to something, she certainly means it. The Aquarius woman is driven to seek out limitations and break them, refusing to live a life staying between the lines. Fun-seeking to the point of perceived immaturity is rather common and yet she could care less how the world views her. She maintains her responsibilities while still managing to enjoy life on the edge, and further her independence.

In contrast to the heavily intellectual Aquarius, the Scorpio man is raw emotion in human form. Without his passion and intensity, he would simply not feel like himself, which is why a partner to receive what he has to offer is so deeply important to him. He is a leader and, more importantly, a pursuer. The romantic scorpion makes his desires known without tiptoeing around the issue, and few can turn away from the intoxicating charm of the sign. Despite his emotional preference, he is surprisingly intelligent as well and prefers to be in the company of those who are similar. Manipulative and emotionally abusive friends and partners need not apply, as the Scorpio is aptly named. Breaking his trust or his heart is unforgivable and the resulting sting will demonstrate that.

Together, the scorpion and water-bearer will have many roadblocks to a happy relationship. What may be pleasing to one side and tolerable for the other is often not even remotely healthy. Scorpio’s trademark possessiveness and need for control simply do not fare well with the free spirit of an Aquarius. The Aquarius woman wants a mentally stimulating partner who doubles as a companion for her fun adventures. The Scorpio man is physically driven and it will be quite hard for him to make the shift to giving his mate so much personal space. For the unbalanced Scorpio, distrust and suspicion can lurk on his shoulders like a pair of whispering devils, and with his mate out enjoying freedom, it may not be long before it gets the better of him. For her part, the Aquarius woman may simply withhold commitment even when he has done everything right, causing frustration and bitterness.

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Love And Relationships

Aquarius women and Scorpio men are exceedingly similar when it comes to making friends. Aquarius women are always surrounded by people and love every minute of it. She has an endless list of friends in the hopes of always having someone available for great conversations and greater adventures. Beyond friendship is where the difficulty appears. Close friendships and romantic relationships seem trapped in a game of dodgeball for the water-bearer. She is considered commitment-shy and flaky at times, which makes her a hard catch. Scorpio men are the same in many ways, with their magnetizing charm keeping people of all types glued to their every move. Still, he keeps the majority at bay due to his real emotional vulnerabilities. He knows he puts his all into any relationship and thus must be careful or be broken. It takes him quite a while to trust.

By the time they are in an intimate relationship, the scorpion and water-bearer are more than halfway past most of their problem areas. Trust will always be an issue for Scorpio, but honesty is so important to both signs that problems in this area are unlikely. Aquarius women will need to focus on communicating their needs and boundaries instead of waiting for him to violate them and then heading for the door. Scorpio men must recognize and prevent themselves from allowing their love to become oppressive and suffocating. As for sex lives, the pair for an unlikely but complementary match. The relentlessly high sex drive of the Scorpio man is something the Aquarius woman enjoys. As long as he works to keep up the excitement and eliminate boredom, they will both be happier both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Working Together

When working together, the Scorpio man and Aquarius woman often don’t have any major problems but it must be said they do prefer doing things their own way. If the scorpion allows his assertive nature to grow into an aggressive and demanding one, all hell can break loose between the pair in the workplace environment. As non-confrontational as the Aquarius woman is, she will not tolerate forceful attempts to control her. The water-bearer thrives when working alone but her zeal for helping others may lead her all over the place. Neither sign is lazy or prone to drama and both are extremely resourceful so they make great employees overall.

Life is an adventure with surprises at every single turn. If one of those surprises end up being a promising relationship between an Aquarius woman and a Scorpio man don’t be so quick to give up all hope. It will have its struggles but, in this case, the relationship will certainly get better with time. Communication of boundaries and expectations will be necessary for success as this pairing is not one that will run on cruise control. Beyond all the doom and gloom there is much fun to be had for both sides even if only friendship is the end goal. Learning to live and love together has its growing pains but rest assured, the loyalty, honesty, and devotion both signs possess will make the end result all the sweeter.

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