The Tower Reversed Tarot Card


The tower card represents destruction and turmoil. But when the tower is reversed, it is a signal that this destruction has been delayed for some reason. Destruction is an integral part of the growth and improvement cycles. Here are a few interpretations of the reversed tower card regarding how you may be resisting changes or how an upcoming change may have a significant impact on your life.

Fear of Change   

It is easy to become comfortable in what we know. The tower reversed can be a sign that you are afraid of change. Deep down, you likely realize the change is necessary. You probably even secretly crave the transformation that accompanies it. Yet, you resist the process because you are afraid of the destruction and pain that will accompany the change.

If you ultimately want to reap the benefits of the transformation you desire, then you must take the necessary leap of faith. It will not be a comfortable or easy process. Do not attempt to pause or halt the process halfway, or else you might find yourself a prisoner of the tower, trapped in a perpetual struggle. Keep moving forward with your journey. There is no need to be afraid, for with great risk comes great reward. Soon, you will be enjoying the rewards of this major change.

A Warning of Things to Come   

The reversed tower card may also serve as a warning for a great change that is about to impact your life. You cannot deny the feeling that something big is about to happen. Take action now to prepare for whatever is to come. This can help you to avoid or reduce the disaster and destruction that may be lurking just ahead. However, despite the card’s ominous appearance, this pending occurrence is not necessarily something negative.

A Major Crisis Averted

Seeing the tower reversed may also mean that you have recently avoided a change that would have negatively impacted you. The problem turned out to be a false alarm or less severe than it once seemed. While this is, of course, the ideal situation, do not let your guard down too soon. This trouble could be waiting to attack you again from a different angle, impacting you even worse than before. Pay close attention to any warning signs. You might not be out of the woods just yet.

Health Changes and Concerns  

When the tower reversed is drawn during a reading about your health, it means that you should pay better attention to your body. Ignoring the changes you are experiencing and your body’s early warning signs is not good. Seek the appropriate medical care now so these concerns can be addressed immediately. By allowing them to fester without treatment, your health will begin to suffer.

This card also signifies that you should be particularly careful over the next few days. Pay extra attention when doing everyday activities (such as driving) which pose an inherent level of risk. As long as you remain alert, this should pass before long.

Changes at Work

The changes referenced by the reversed tower may also occur at your work. When major changes are going on at your place of work, things are rarely easy. You may find that even your most calm and easy going co-workers are acting unusually stressed. And when everyone is stressed, arguments and misunderstandings typically will follow. You may find yourself feeling isolated, unable to lean on the support of those people you usually can depend on. Stay strong against the chaos and confusion. Think carefully about every word that you say. It is always better to steer clear of as much of the unnecessary conflict as possible.

Improving Your Romantic Relationship   

When it comes to your love life, the tower reversed indicates that your relationship needs to undergo a few changes. If you want to stick with your partner, then you must put in the work required for it to survive. This usually depends greatly on your ability to calmly and effectively communicate with one another. When you are deciding what must be done to improve your relationship, focus your efforts towards changing on yourself only. Attempts to change your partner rarely go over well. If you can improve your own contributions to the relationship, your partner will likely follow suit.

Financial Changes  

You are probably undergoing a few financial changes, as indicated by the reversed tower tarot card. However, your worrying is making a bigger issue out of this situation than is necessary. Deal directly with these changes. You will likely find that they were not as bad as you feared. However, you should still play it safe with your finances. Now is not the time to make risky investments with your money or take your chances with gambling or the lottery.

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