Scorpio Man Taurus Woman Compatibility


As fixed signs with very powerful personalities, Scorpio men and Taurus women have much in common. They hold strong to their principles, they always want to take charge, and they don’t like change.

Sharing these qualities can lead to a solid relationship that’s hard to break when both parties are on the same page. Nothing, or no one, can get in the way of this pair when they have a shared vision about the future. They are quite compatible. However, these traits can work against the scorpion and the bull when they fail to see eye to eye.

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Characteristics of a Scorpio Man

He’s an ultra-intuitive water sign whose instincts are usually always right. He’s also very mysterious and hard to read in the beginning. But, once you get to know him, you’ll find that the Scorpio man will go to great lengths to take care of his partner, family, and friends.

Because he gives so much, Scorpio is very careful about who he invites to his inner circle. He allows only a privileged few to see his flaws and insecurities. If you can break through his barriers, you’ll find a true romantic who will stay loyal despite his inherent need for independence. Although some Scorpios require distance, they always come home to protect their loved ones.

Because of this character trait, Scorpio men have the tendency to become extremely protective to the point of jealousy. Don’t be surprised by a vindictive, unforgiving Scorpio if he feels he has been wronged or if he suspects infidelity. After all, all his emotions are always heightened by passion.

On the other hand, that passion can be advantageous in the bedroom. Scorpio will take charge and he’ll use his strong sense of intuition to his advantage. He is an expert in reading physical and emotional cues, so it’s rare to find a Scorpio man who doesn’t know what his lover wants.

Characteristics of a Taurus Woman

As an earth sign, Taurus is grounded and generally laid back. But she’s no pushover. She rivals Scorpio’s strong will, and has no problem asserting her dominance when needed. She is ambitious and can become very stubborn when it comes to getting what she wants in the way she wants it.

In all her ventures – including love – a Taurus woman likes to take her time. She will assess most situations before jumping in because she values trust. She will only enter a relationship seriously when she knows she’s in a safe space where she can be free to speak her mind. Chivalry and courtship isn’t lost to Taurus. In fact, it pays off.

When she falls in love, Taurus shares Scorpio’s passion, but also shows her partner an extra layer of sensuality. Like with other aspects of life, she tends to take things slow in bedroom – caressing, touching, and teasing – but she is always willing to follow her lover’s lead.

Love really does bring out the best in a Taurus woman, and she is a nurturing earth-mother when she’s happy. But, also like Scorpio, she can turn jealous and possessive when she sees a threat to domestic bliss. When provoked, her rage knows no match.

Can this love last?

In times of conflict, it can become very difficult for Scorpio men and Taurus women to find a resolution. He exerts his venomous sting, and she will charge at him will in full capacity. And when she loses her composure, he tends to add even more emotions to the equation. They can be so powerful together, but they have also been known to implode.

Perhaps the greatest red flags to fall upon these two signs are their jealous and possessive natures. When these forces dominate the relationship, trust and respect tend to go out the window. Given their vindictive natures, don’t be surprised if you see Scorpio and Taurus provoke each other deliberately.

When this kind of destructive behavior enters their relationship, it might become even harder to find peace and the motivation to forgive. Because they are so set in their ways and in their beliefs, Scorpio and Taurus must work hard on learning to compromise and taming their tempers.

On the other hand, their strong wills can work in their favor. With shared determination to fight for their relationship, nothing can get in the way of their tremendous attraction. If these two don’t lose themselves to the kind drama that tears them apart, there is a definite chance for a lasting connection.

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