Scorpio Stellium: The Moon Meets Venus and Mars

The moon, Mars and Venus with the constellation of Scorpio

In astrology, it is common for two planets to occupy the same point in the zodiac. This is called a conjunction. When a third heavenly body moves into position, it is called a stellium. This is a powerful moment as any planetary energy applies consistent pressure as it moves through the zodiac. While conjunctions amplify the gravity of the situation, a stellium can bring about intense transformations in a short period of time. The zodiac sign that hosts a stellium always gives us indicators of what to expect from this occurrence and the planets involved in this get-together reveal what energy is coming our way.

On October 9, there will be a stellium in the sky as the Moon joins Venus and Mars in the zodiac sign of Scorpio for a few hours. This is a meeting of the three most passionate heavenly bodies in the solar system. As the Moon moves through the zodiac, it visits Scorpio for two to three days every month. It gets together with each planet for half a day at some point every month. But it is rare for the Moon to get together with Venus and Mars at the same time and even rarer for this to occur in the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Yes, Scorpio is the place from which our deepest moments of sensuality emanate. That is what makes this stellium such a special few hours.

Consider: The Moon, ruler of our emotional nature is getting together with Mars, the planet that rules masculinity and assertiveness, and Venus, the planet that rules femininity and love. And this get-together is taking place in the zodiac sign that signifies our most private passions. Surely October 9, 2010 is the sexiest day of the decade.

Will it be your day to remember? You can be taken to the highest heights of romantic ecstasy and physical pleasure. The downside of this concentration is something to consider as well. Scorpio is the sign of secretive behavior and revenge. If a lover is not telling you the whole truth, something might slip out that you don’t want to hear. If you have your eyes and heart already set on a conquest, there could be someone else ready to make sure you leave unsatisfied. Scorpio energy is the most intense in all the zodiac, so the three-planet combination pushes that force out at a level where everyone can feel it. On October 9, love and lust, desire and revenge will be the pulse of the day.

In Europe, this stellium occurs on Saturday night. It will be an evening of passion. In the United States, the stellium occurs primarily in the afternoon. If you are in Europe, make sure you have a date who can stay out late. In the Western Hemisphere of the globe, you are advised to stay close to your Friday date and see if you can build carryover energy from that night. Perhaps a kiss before the lights go out on Friday will be revisited as an afternoon delight between you two on Saturday.

The stellium’s earliest energy begins after sunset in the Western Hemisphere on Friday night, October 8. It is at its peak power, though, on Saturday afternoon for six and a half hours beginning at 1:35 PM on the east coast and 10:35 AM on the west coast, and lasting until 8:06 PM (EDT) and 5:06 PM (PDT). The planetary energy lasts well into the night. In fact, it is not until after sunrise on Sunday, October 10 that the Moon will have moved far enough away from Venus and Mars to leave them as just a mere conjunction of two planets. So in all that time, you will have the opportunity for the greatest physical passion encounter of the decade.

Read below to see how the Scorpio stellium of October 8 – 10 will affect you and your lover – read for both of your signs:

Aries March 21 – April 19

Since Mars is your ruling planet, the stellium is likely to make loving an affair for the early evening of October 9. A low-lit room revs up your engines best. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Taurus April 20 – May 20

With your Venus ruler setting off the intense stellium, make the morning and early afternoon of October 9 the time to sneak away and get physical with the one you love. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Gemini May 21 – June 21

If you or a lover are stuck at work, there is no reason that the stellium cannot create a healthy fantasy to hold onto until you two can get together and make up for lost time. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Cancer June 22 – July 22

You might prefer poetry to physical interaction, but the hypnotic words of your lover seduce your spirit deeper than is possible in the flesh. Love is palpable – dare you speak it? Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Leo July 23 – August 22

The stellium could spark the idea in you to revisit the past. Have you been keeping up with an old flame? You might want to spend Saturday looking forward instead of going back. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Virgo August 23 – September 22

You will have a chance to let the facts and figures speak for themselves. Your date from Friday could be entranced at the details of your passion and extend the encounter well into Sunday if possible. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Libra September 23 – October 22

If the stellium’s contact with Venus on Saturday morning gets you going, finding anything in common with your new passion partner confirms that what you have is more than just a feeling. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

The stellium brings out your natural passion and intensity. A partner could end up feeling like a bulldozer has run over the room with you two in it. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

Your imagination is going to run wild, and having a partner to illustrate your fantasies could make for the wildest weekend of the next few years. Place yourself in the role of narrator and get busy! Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Capricorn December 22 – January 19

You could have a few parties to go to or other social engagements that cut down on your quiet time with your partner, but the build up of tension will make for an intense and memorable release when the crowd fades. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Aquarius January 20 – February 18

Too many options for success outside of romance could blind you to partnership passion opportunities. Time can rush by as you work toward a long-term goal and a possible partner may begin to look elsewhere. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

Pisces February 19 – March 20

This is the perfect weekend for a getaway with a future soulmate. Being flirtatious with an invitation that includes you and a road trip away from the daily grinds will inspire a committed effort from your partner. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

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