Solar Eclipse in Pisces


The first of 2015’s solar eclipses holds extra significance, occurring as it does just a few hours before the vernal equinox on March 20th. What can we expect from this eclipse, since a solar eclipse traditionally signifies a crisis of some kind, while the equinox is a time of new beginnings?

The March 20th solar eclipse is in Pisces, probably the most spiritual sign of all. Pisces energy is concerned with more than just spirituality, however. This sign also deals with lies, deception, secrets and mass media influence. Connections between this solar eclipse and the chart for Washington, DC would suggest that whistleblowers may come forward at this time, with news which will shock the nation or even the world. Secrets are likely to be revealed which connect to the military, or to major institutions such as banks. 

Since the eclipse falls so close to the vernal equinox point, there is a sense here of the last chance saloon – it’s now or never for some of these facts to come to life. Bringing them out into public view will be painful, and there will be serious repercussions, but the eclipse also brings the possibility of a brand new beginning following on from this drama.

On a more spiritual level, the Pisces solar eclipse speaks of a culmination of the increased spirituality we have been experiencing for a while now. There could be mass demonstrations for peace, and perhaps a shift on the global stage towards a more compassionate approach to the world’s problems. Again, this can signify a very positive new beginning in global politics. Traditionally, a solar eclipse in Pisces is said to affect marine life, and those who live on or near water or who make a living through water, so we may see some events which cause environmental concern too, which will lead to protests.

On a personal note, the eclipse will be felt most strongly by people with an Aries or Pisces Sun, and by those whose chart angles are influenced by this event. For Pisces and the other water signs, events around March 20th will prompt a new way of looking at life, with more gratitude for what we have, and less hankering for what we don’t have. Personal beliefs or religious attitudes may be shaken to the core, but a new understanding will follow, perhaps with a deepening of faith convictions. 

For other signs, the Pisces solar eclipse can be a very healing moment, principally connected to the affairs of whichever house it occurs in. Wherever the drama lies, the eclipse is an opportunity to take a compassionate and spirit-filled approach towards resolving it, instead of facing problems with aggression or dogmatism. 

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