Orange sunrise with bow & arrow symbol of Sagitarrius in foreground

Every year the Sun spends about thirty days (November 21 through December 21) in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This is the natural place in the stars to find adventure and feel optimistic. The hallmark of the Sagittarian is a clever avoidance of being constrained for long. The energy at this time of the year pulsates through people with a vibrant enjoyment of the times – this runs counter to a large percentage of the world population being in wintry conditions. It is no coincidence, though, as the natural balance of the universe’s energy sees to it that the seasons carry the weight in being light when the zodiac is brooding and that when the weather gets cool, there is a bountiful excitement in the zodiac.

Your zodiac sign has a ruling planet and as the Sun changes signs, the location of your ruling planet is important in the current zodiac makeup. We all drift from states of harmony toward tension and back again in a rhythm that is easily discernible once you follow the positions of the planets. While the Sun’s journey through Sagittarius makes us all upbeat about the future and our place in the world, the interactions with our sign’s planetary ruler makes certain days more optimistic than others.

In the short-term, while the Sun is in Sagittarius, each sign of the zodiac is offered an immediate adventure. In the long-term, Sagittarius represents looking forward to the future with a new level of confidence, and depending on your zodiac sign, the month ahead can be a time for beginning specific projects that will bear fruit months or years from now.

Read your sign below to see how the Sun in Sagittarius will affect you in both the short and long terms, and what days your planetary energy is strongest!

  • Aries March 21 – April 19

    Lucky Days: Your ruling planet is Mars and harmony on December 9 and 10 make these days the best to take a leap of faith.

    Short-term Action: Get out and see some sites nearby that you never visit. You will have a blast being a tourist in your own backyard.

    Long-term Plan: A search for the missing piece that puts your life into perspective will be successful; push ahead thru the end of next year with intensive self-investigation.

  • Taurus April 20 – May 20

    Lucky Days: Along with Libra, the Bull is ruled by Venus. December 15 and 16 are great times to remind your own personal Santa what you would like for the holidays.

    Short-term Action: Passionate intimacy with an ideal fantasy partner may delay your holiday shopping routine.

    Long-term Plan: Your career goals gain traction as your popularity among management blossoms. The year ahead sees a big increase in your name being searched for on the internet.

  • Gemini May 21 – June 21

    Lucky Days: The Twins’ ruling planet is Mercury and December 18 is the best day to get noticed for your good work while the Sun is in Sagittarius.

    Short-term Action: Getting a deeper commitment out of your partner is favored if you are looking for reassurances.

    Long-term Plan: Your reputation has allowed a career advancement that will make 2010 a big year for your professional goals. Make sure your work history record is updated.

  • Cancer June 22 – July 22

    Lucky Days: Your Moon ruler will create intense romantic harmony on November 27 and 28, so enjoy too much of a good thing then.

    Short-term Action: A working relationship will yield great results – perhaps an invention or new way of doing things will make you two rich.

    Long-term Plan: A recent romance might be wearing off unless you can boost the excitement with some travel. The year ahead may be the time to relocate or redecorate.

  • Leo July 23 – August 22

    Lucky Days: The Sun rules Leo and December 13 – 15 sees it harmonizing with Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius. Enjoy a big reward for your small deed of kindness.

    Short-term Action: Holiday decorating and party planning will give you a great sense of purpose and reignite a few good relationships.

    Long-term Plan: The burden of working for a demanding individual will inspire a creative escape on your part that will be enjoyable and perhaps profitable by late next year.

  • Virgo August 23 – September 22

    Lucky Days: Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Pay attention to some details on December 18 and you may have already won a big prize!

    Short-term Action: Cleaning up your house will be a challenge, but the discovery of an item or two that you thought were long lost will make it all worth the chores.

    Long-term Plan: A partnership is coming into focus in 2010 that will bring you everything that you want. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

  • Libra September 23 – October 22

    Lucky Days: December 15 and 16 see your Venus ruler bringing in an early holiday present or two. One, in fact, might stick around for the long haul.

    Short-term Action: Break away from the traditional ways you contact friends and family and do something special, unique and memorable for each one. You will be warmly embraced for such sincerity.

    Long-term Plan: Your creative ideas are starting to get you work – almost too much to handle!

  • Scorpio October 23 – November 21

    Lucky Days: Your ruling planet Pluto receives some lunar harmony that makes for an especially exciting December 7 and 8.

    Short-term Action: While the Sun is in Sagittarius, look to embrace a new financial strategy that allows you to earn more money.

    Long-term Plan: Sticking close to home and following a disciplined schedule leads to a 2010 that has many creative paths opening up to your new level of focus.

  • Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

    Lucky Days: Your ruling planet is Jupiter and the harmony it makes with the Sun in your sign beginning on December 13 will last about a week and bring a possible fortune of affection.

    Short-term Action: Makes sure that people remember your name, whether this means printing up new business cards or redesigning your website.

    Long-term Plan: All the gossip in the neighborhood could be inspiring you to move on for a fresh start. Make 2010 the year you began again.

  • Capricorn December 22 – January 19

    Lucky Days: November 26 brings you an opportunity. Your Saturn ruler is in harmony with the Sagittarius Sun and you should not sit on the fence over whether you should take this offer of help from the universe.

    Short-term Action: Tie up some loose ends and you will find that walking away with the project completed brings more than just satisfaction.

    Long-term Plan: The money you have been able to save should find its way into a useful investment in 2010. Think about growing your nest egg.

  • Aquarius January 20 – February 18

    Lucky Days: December 3 and 4 feature lunar harmony to your ruling planet, Uranus.

    Short-term Action: A stranger who knows your name might be the one with whom you want to spread a little holiday cheer.

    Long-term Plan: All of the new friends that you have made over the past year will come in handy as you spend 2010 making sense out of the complex social paths you have blazed.

  • Pisces February 19 – March 20

    Lucky Days: December 2 is the best flirting day of the year, as the lunar harmony with your Neptune ruler is building into a full moon.

    Short-term Action: A quick flirt should get results and with all of your concentration on career matters, it better or you will be alone behind the desk for the holidays.

    Long-term Plan: You may now realize that your long search for the answer to things has left you a bit wiser, but now the real work begins: being as great as you know you can be.

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