Taurus Man Pisces Woman Compatibility


When the dreamer of the zodiac meets the bull, very rarely do sparks not fly and for good reason. While Taurus men and Pisces women are not the ultimate karmic pair for their signs, they are compatible and come close enough to fit each other like matched puzzle pieces. The free-floating spirit of the Pisces woman needs to ground itself occasionally, and there are few places better to do so than in the arms of a reliable Taurus man. His outward beastly appearance only wards off those up to no good; in truth, the bull can be as sensitive as the fish once he surrenders his heart to the love of his life. Pisces needs a gentle hand and a high level of patience that a Taurus can provide with ease. For a bull or fish seeking this type of relationship, you need only be wary if you expect your partner to be lockstep with you for every dream, goal, and desire that crosses your path. Your differences are clear and unlikely to waver so this is one battle not worth fighting if all is not well at the start.

Basic Compatibility

The Taurus man is often nicknamed the “dream man” by those women who fall head over heels for his spectacular list of positive traits. He is innately a hard worker, extremely responsible, loyal, protective, romantic and determined. Naturally, these traits all sound remarkably perfect, but it is easy to ignore the less-than-ideal factors when considering compatibility. While a balanced Taurus man may not struggle with stubbornness, possessiveness, and selfish behaviors, if perfection were easy to find, few would be reading this article. The bull has a hard exterior, backed up by horns to defend his loved ones without hesitation. Despite this, he is a deeply complex and emotional being but will only reveal this soft side to the right person. He is known for having a focus on material things to further his desire for financial security. Every Taurus is different, so one may be more of a hardliner towards saving and the other may be more focused on hedonistic pursuits and spending. Regardless of the type, every Taurus man appreciates hard work as it directly equates to money. It is money that achieves stability, security, and comfort, the three things most important to the Taurus man.

The Pisces woman is a dreamer that can find it hard to settle down into the misery of reality.

When everything is going well, her imaginative mind is likely to be preoccupied by the arts, music, and the like. It is when life is not as she imagined it that she is prone to dreaming of a new reality. On a positive note, she sees the best in everyone and everything, truly believing with blind optimism that every road or friendship is going to lead to a fine place. The fish is extremely emotionally vulnerable, so every failure or disappointment tends to hit her very hard in every way. She is exceedingly kind and compassionate, lacking even the slightest inclination towards maliciousness. The fish is also known to be quite romantic, allowing her and the romantic bull of her dreams to mesh well. Not only will Taurus function as a barrier for her from the cruelty of the world, but also as an anchor keeping her in a gentle, harmless reality with him. The Pisces woman must decide if she is willing to trade her lust for dreamy adventures that could end poorly for life with a predictably safe, but potentially boring, bull of a man.

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Love And Relationships

Slow and steady is the way to the bull’s heart when it comes to both friendships and intimate relationships. He rushes nothing as he is acutely aware of how much a failed relationship or betrayal of friendship can hurt. The Taurus man is a deep introvert but is close and devoted to those who eventually win his friendship. Expect him to come running to your side whenever you are in need, and you will never have to worry about him having high expectations. The Pisces woman is also deeply introverted, enjoying spending most of her time alone or immersed in her hobbies. Despite this, she makes friends with ease due to her kind and lovable nature. She trusts almost immediately, often leaving herself open to manipulation and heartbreak. To her friends, she is greatly treasured for her high level of empathy and supportive behavior. Like the bull, she will sacrifice everything to be at the side of a friend when the call is given.

Intimate relationships are truly the high point of any Pisces and Taurus match. He gives her his heart and reveals an emotional side that she can relate to and feel safe with. The Pisces woman gains stability she can count on from her loving bull and invites him to loosen up and experience spontaneity from time to time. They are both passionately romantic and fiercely sexual beings as long as an emotional connection exists – and it always will between them. The Taurus man is patient and accepting with no interest in forcing changes upon his lover as long as she offers the same respect of his routines in return. Together, life will be relatively drama-free with two selfless signs when proper balance and communication is maintained.

Working Together

The Taurus man is an indispensable member of any workplace due to his work ethic. He values the sweat of his own brow, takes no shortcuts, and doesn’t believe in slacking off. He can be counted on to complete all tasks assigned on time and rarely butts heads with any of his coworkers. With someone as supportive as a Pisces woman on his team, it only increases their joint ability to exceed expectations. The Pisces woman is a dutiful employee as well, though she will shy away from any leadership positions. She can be distracted when left alone but, if employed in a suitable career, this may not even be an issue. Overall, she is responsible to the point she is easily overworked by taking over for less reliable individuals.

The Pisces woman and Taurus man who venture into a relationship together have a high chance of success. The two signs share many similarities but their key differences are ideal for promoting personal and relationship growth. The hardest step will be the start, for the fish is quick to forge friendships and fall in love while the bull takes things slowly and cautiously. The bull and fish are both sensitive at heart, so care must be taken to maintain a sense of balance as the extremes of their negative traits can have permanent consequences. If the opportunity for love or friendship arises for you in this situation, it is a chance certainly worth taking.

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