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Taurus Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

The bulls of the zodiac tend to pair well with any sign that doesn’t require high amounts of energy, frequent changes, or constant excitement, but how does Taurus fare when in a mirror match? Taurus men and women are known to be patient, reliable, and predictable, so when two of them manage to match up together, they have a whole lot going for them. Taurus-born present themselves as they are, and often have few if any, secrets. They are hard-working, responsible, and most of all willing to do anything to achieve security, stability and comfort. The downside of Taurus women and men getting together is that the stereotypical stubbornness can be a relationship killer between them. A twin bull relationship does not have a partner who cares less and will happily back down. Taurus-born care about every decision they make and that is why they stick to their guns as an immovable force. Despite this small issue, it is clear the benefits far outweigh the potential problems and this matchup is often as satisfying as it is easygoing and full of tender love.

Basic Compatibility

Taurus men and women have high compatibility with each other in nearly all categories where this is important. Of course, everyone is different and likes and dislikes will vary but having a base of similar values and common traits goes a long way toward relationship success. Their down-to-earth view of the world is never a problem when paired with a partner who feels the exact same way. Bulls are resilient and designed to tolerate and survive even the toughest of adversities they may come across in their lifetime, so navigating a few minor conflicts with their partner is usually not an issue. The remarkable level of patience that Taurus is known for also helps smooth over any rough spots. Taurus men and women tend to be averse to changes, dutifully sticking to what they know and love. You can expect bulls to enjoy their life of hard work balanced with an almost hedonistic approach to downtime. For the beast that is the bull, there are set times for work and set times for play, though laziness can sometimes bleed over. In a mirror match, the wanderlust and adventure-seeking drives of many other signs don’t exist, allowing bulls to do what they enjoy best, relax at home.

As predictably positive as a twin Taurus match often is, it must be said that there isn’t all sunshine on the pasture. Even though conflicts will likely be few and far between, once they happen it can be tough to get a compromise. Taurus men and women hate backing down and are well-known for their stubbornness. Possessiveness and jealousy are frequently seen in Taurus-born, but that shouldn’t become too much of a problem when partnered with the same sign. In the event that it does, it can become quite the uphill battle for the pair to try to enforce fair and reasonable behavior. Lastly, the bull has an extremely soft and vulnerable heart guarded by a hardy exterior. While normally it is kept well under wraps and hidden away, in a loving relationship his or her heart is bared to their partner. Add in the fact that an angry bull is as insensitive as it is rare, and you have a recipe for destruction at any serious clash.

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Love And Relationships

Taurus-born lean almost exclusively toward the more introverted side with regards to socializing. Despite this, they do not lack in social skills or being friendly and approachable. Their dependability and loyalty are what make bulls treasured friends, and this adoration only multiplies in friendships between two Taurus. The innately protective quality of a bull is usually first witnessed in friendships, and it soon becomes clear that Taurus men and women are a force to be reckoned with when their loved ones are under threat. With how emotionally guarded Taurus is, friendships take time, but once gained they last a lifetime. Many serious relationships between Taurus-born will grow from close friendships, but interested suitors should not expect things to move along quickly even with a foundation of friendship. Bulls take to love with a slow and steady pace that is heavily romantic.

In long-term, intimate relationships, Taurus men and women shine as their integral values are beneficial to success, as well as starting a family. For those who make it this far, they will discover a far more emotional side to their partner that may not have been evident before. All walls are down, and tenderness and affection will only increase. As mentioned previously, awareness of how easily Taurus is hurt in such a close relationship is important as wounded Tauruses take a long time to heal. With the need of Taurus women and men to have financial security, stability and comfort, they quickly draw their partner beneath their own protective and supportive umbrella. The presence of two Tauruses in a home will mean an easily shared workload and no problematic interruption when the occasional streak of laziness occurs. Sex and intimacy are mandatory for a bull’s happiness, as Taurus is a very physical and sensual sign and needs to express this love to his or her mate. All signs point to a very fulfilling relationship for dual Taurus relationships.

Working Together

Taurus men and women make amazing leaders who are more focused on leading by example and positive reinforcement than consequence. Despite this, the bull would much rather not have the burden of having to manage others. Taurus-born are hard workers, and put their nose to the grindstone at any task that comes their way. They have no reason to become competitive with each other or for two Taurus to cause disruption in the workplace. While they are not opposed to working as a team, Taurus generally prefer to tackle their workload alone as it provides a simple way to measure their own sweat and success. The overall reliability of the bull only doubles when fellow Taurus-born are around to assist.

If slow, steady, and enduring love is what you seek as a Taurus man or woman, consider giving your heart to another Taurus. There are so many positives to this mirror match and very few areas where clashes do occur. While stubbornness may ultimately be your greatest obstacle, that same tenacity and patience are what keep your relationship together when things get challenging. Taurus-born are unlikely to ever be the life of the party and may be hard to draw away from comfort zones, but there are real strengths in predictability and relaxed temperaments. For those who take up the offer, a lifetime of romance, devotion, and a partner who won’t ever leave you defenseless awaits.

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