Taurus Man Virgo Woman Compatibility


Taurus men and Virgo women share many similar traits that foster great friendships and amazing long-term relationships. It is their joint stability and practicality that does them both justice, eliminating much of the worries they face when entangled with other star signs. The bullish exterior of a Taurus man is comforting to the often insecure Virgo and, as he only shows his softer side to her, she is never overwhelmed. She will analyze him from top to bottom, much to his displeasure, but likely fail to find any significant faults. Any relationship between a Taurus man and Virgo woman pair is bound to run very hot or very cold – while Taurus is willing to settle for the imperfect, Virgo is not. The key to compatibility in any lasting relationship, intimate or not, is striking a perfect balance and communicating successfully. This article will key you in on the innate traits of both signs to help you see why your relationship went so right, or wrong.

Basic Compatibility

With two signs that tend to love stability and loathe over-the-top spontaneity, it is easy to see why they find comfort in each other. Taurus men are naturally hard workers that you will not find slacking off in any manner. However, when it is time for a well-deserved break, they will enjoy it to its fullest and become near hedonists. A Virgo woman has a far harder time letting go while her bull rolls in the mud. She believes that all things are one step from chaos so she is content to continually keep everything in order. She wants things clean and orderly but, thankfully, does not layer it oppressively on those around her. Both signs are very practical and, while Taurus men may dream big of riches and luxury, they know such things only come from the sweat of their brow.

A Taurus man will need to have the unsavory aspects of his personality under control before he presents himself to the virgin. She will be thorough and honest, and if he is too stubborn to endure her examination, he may abandon her entirely. Virgo women are gentle with an enduring kindness that shines through to all but, perhaps, themselves. The greatest victim of her criticism will forever be herself, and her devoted bull may quickly become a professional at reassuring her. Taurus men make fine leaders and will gladly take up this position in the absence of another. Virgos, in general, do not want to lead or have all eyes on them because it will be difficult for them to forgive themselves for even the tiniest of failures. All things considered, these two signs usually flourish together once they become used to each other’s routines.

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Love And Relationships

Neither Taurus men nor Virgo women are the type to get lost and lustful at first sight. There is no impulsiveness, but once they are sure they’ve met their soul mate, the love is undying. The bull knows who he is and will not compromise his true self and become someone or something different to impress a potential mate or friend. The insecure and organized nature of the virgin means she is not one to leave things to fate or letting cards fall where they may. When both halves combine, their love is passionate, devoted, and true. Taurus men are die-hard, traditional romantics and pleasing a partner makes them proud. True to her sign, a Virgo woman is often shy and inhibited at the start of any relationship, only truly blossoming when secure with her lover.

Intimacy plays a major role in the happiness of this match, with sensuality and closeness being twice as important as just pure sex. Sex is savored and unrushed, with outlandish kinks being relatively uncommon between them. Sex is very emotionally focused, especially with Taurus famous for his romantic buildups. Once a Virgo woman is convinced her Taurus man has no desire to judge her for her flaws, she becomes more willing to up the adventurousness of their sex life. She, in turn, must do the same, and avoid criticizing him for the things he does in his efforts to be romantic and satisfying. The bull is a natural loner with an impenetrable exterior, but when he reveals his soft side, he can be severely wounded when hurt and withdraw.

Working Together

While Virgo women are truly hardworking, they can be a bane to fellow employees with their rigid, near perfectionist ideals. They thrive off of routine and organization and suffer in the hustle and bustle of a chaotic workplace. The strict attention to detail they live by may propel them to a leadership position even though it may not be their ideal choice. With Virgo, things will surely be done on time and in an orderly fashion, but morale may suffer. Taurus men are fantastic in a leadership position or working alone. Even in a team environment, they are goal-focused and cooperate well with others. They are flexible and excel in any position where their practical approach is not frowned upon. Their grounded, sweat equity approach to life is mirrored in the workplace, and they won’t let you down.

Virgo women and Taurus men are a fine match, with enough similarities that there are often no major upsets. While Virgo women are sticklers for the rules, they are fine with letting boys be boys regarding the Taurus man. He is responsible and stable, therefore predictable, which works well for their relationship. In Virgo, he finds an outlet for his protective nature and his desires to have his romanticism appreciated. With adequate communication, there is no reason that this match can’t end up durable and everlasting.

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