Capricorn Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility


If you want to see a real partnership, look no further than Aquarius and Capricorn. They coordinate better than many people realize and, while this pairing isn’t all fun and games, both partners will likely be more than ready to make a relationship work well.

What Each Sign Wants

Aquarius is known for being a sign that looks forward. Technology and unexplored paths feature often in career choices and lifestyle desires. Aquarians, particularly Aquarian women, may have a diverse network of friends and associates and life paths may seem unconventional, at least at first – it’s not unheard of for those seemingly unconventional paths to become the norm years later.

Capricorn, however, is known for taking more traditional routes in life and really planning ahead. This is the sign that encourages having a stable base and doing thorough research before entering into any sort of contract. The Capricorn man isn’t necessarily stodgy, but he may not be as pleased with going off the beaten path as an Aquarius might be.

That’s a fundamental clash, but it’s not a sign that Aquarius and Capricorn can’t work things out. Look at the ruling planets of both signs as an example of how a Capricorn man and Aquarius woman are much more compatible than they first appear.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of getting down to business, creating a firm foundation, separating the wheat from the chaff, and every other take-care-of-business-now metaphor you can think of. Authority and not necessarily having fun are constantly associated with this giant planet.

Aquarius is typically associated with Uranus, the planet of unconventional behavior, sudden upsets, and trailblazing. However, the sign is actually co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Saturn was assigned to Aquarius before Uranus was discovered because Aquarius, for all its move-forward energy, really does like stability. Aquarius women might take unconventional paths, but they will ensure those paths are well-planned.

At the same time, Saturn does not discourage looking at new careers and paths, or new interests. This planet just wants its signs to do more research and be sure of what they’re getting into. Capricorn men might not be into improvising travel on the fly, for example, but that doesn’t mean they’re typically averse to traveling someplace new.

Respect and Reality

Those underlying similarities make it easier for the two signs to work (or live, or love) together, but because there are also underlying differences in how Aquarius and Capricorn approach life, both partners have to respect each other’s basic personalities.

Capricorn has to respect Aquarius’s need to change plans, improvise, socialize, and investigate. Aquarius needs to respect Capricorn’s need for planning and knowing what’s coming up next. Any decision to adopt a partner’s traits should be made of the person’s own free will.

This is a relationship that, no matter the type, could benefit from regular discussion to see how things are going. Both partners approach life in ways that are just different enough that they must actively work to keep the relationship on track. It’s much easier to do this if partners discuss and work through issues early, rather than letting them build and fester.

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Different Types of Relationships

Business partnerships benefit a lot from this combination. The Capricorn partner will help ensure the business has a solid plan, while the Aquarius partner may be better at thinking out of the box and taking the business into new territory.

In fact, on-the-job duties could benefit from a split along astrological lines. For example, the Aquarius partner could take on more of the networking and social aspects of growing the business; the Capricorn partner could handle more of the negotiation and contract-writing tasks.

Friendships between the two can be fun if they can reach an agreement on scheduling activities versus being spontaneous. Respecting a dislike of surprises or a need to try new things will help the two preserve their friendship; in other words, the two should set boundaries that both can live with.

Romantic relationships may be the toughest. An Aquarius woman’s need to be unconventional can clash with the Capricorn man’s need for stability if the two can’t reach an agreement on what their basic lives together should be. Both partners would do well to give the relationship constant care. Capricorn needs to avoid being possessive, insisting Aquarius follow his lead; Aquarius needs to avoid seeming like she’s ignoring Capricorn.

Putting It All Together

Keep in mind that sun signs are only one aspect of a horoscope. The ascendant, moon, and other placements all influence personalities and relationships.

An Aquarius with lots of Sagittarian influence, for example, may need more unconventionality than a double Capricorn is willing to put up with, but a Capricorn male with an Aquarius ascendant and several Aquarius influences might get along splendidly and easily with an Aquarius woman with a chart filled with Capricorn influences.

Try to see the other person’s chart to get a clearer view of how that person ticks. If possible, compare both charts to see which aspects occur in both charts, too. A professional astrological interpretation of both charts could be very helpful, particularly if there seems to be a specific sticking point that both partners can’t seem to settle.

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