The Stars are Bringing Us Money!

by Psychic Advisor: AstroDevi

With Venus and Jupiter in Libra, you can expect good things to happen! For starters, Venus feels so good in Libra, which will reflect each and every one of us. So, what happens when we feel good? We shop, we buy, we gift, and we improve our looks. With Jupiter in Libra until October 11, 2018, this will all increase and there is only one way that happens…you guessed it, thru having money!! Mo’ money! When we get money like this, it means the economy is doing well and your wallet will get bigger and heavier. One of the most significant indications that the economy is/will do well is through real estate!

Now get this, Jupiter will enter Scorpio on October 11, 2018 and will be there until November 5, 2019 (keep these dates in mind!). Jupiter is a benefic and spiritual planet and spiritual meaning you will do great here! Scorpio is the natural 8th House of the zodiac. Scorpio represents hidden secrets, things deep in the unknown world (we call the underworld), occult knowledge, intuition, psychic ability, taxes, credit, other’s money, inheritances, lotteries, windfalls, loans, unexpected monies, etc. Jupiter, being the guru that it is, will expand all of this wealth (Mo-Mo-MONEY!), and bring all this hidden knowledge to the surface. With that being said, many people will find ways to receive wealth and gains. This could be via navigating the financial system, its laws and regulations thru unknown doors or secret “passages,” or thru underground information (like I’m giving you now). Credit lines will increase and rates for mortgages/loans will be adjusted to make it more affordable for people to buy real estate! I see a lot of people investing in these particular things: Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies, Liquid Assets, Liquid Commodities, Oil, Petroleum, Bitumen, Manganese, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Cobalt, Crystals, and Diamonds. I also see cash businesses and commission-based careers doing very well. Hopefully, this is something of interest to you.

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Here’s another secret or two I’ll share with you!

Think back to the time from October 2006 to November 2007 to get a hint of how this Jupiter will affect you. What purchases did you make? How did this effect your ability to get money? Did your credit increase? Did you get an inheritance? Did you get money back from the state or government? Did you get a loan? Did your cash business increase? Did you win lotto? These are a few questions you can ask yourself to narrow it down. Now I know some of you are thinking, “Hey AstroDevi, we had the housing bubble.” Yes, that is true, but Rahu and Ketu were in Aquarius and Leo. Currently, we have Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Capricorn until they switch signs to Gemini and Sagittarius in March 2019. This will effect technology, communications, foreign countries, foreign travel, laws, and language. (More info regarding this at a later date.)

Next secret….

The year 2019 (2+0+1+9 = 12, 1+2=3) is a 3 year; 3 is ruled by Jupiter! This is the planet of expansion, prosperity, spirituality, optimism, creativity, children, etc. Your wealth will triple in 2019 and prosperity will increase! Jupiter is such an optimistic and positive planet that almost everyone should be in its good vibes. When we feel good, we do good! This 2019 energy alone will have a profound effect on Jupiter in Scorpio! This is another sign of what’s to come and the prosperity that awaits us.

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With all this said, and the extra money or income that will be coming in, use your “extra $$$” by investing it in something that will multiple your wealth. Be wise about this. This is a great opportunity for all of us and it could make a huge difference in your future.

Make sure to look out for my next post on Venus-Moon-Jupiter Conjunction!

Please note: I use Vedic Astrology and the traditional Sidereal System when making my predictions and astrology assessments.


About the Author:

AstroDevi is a professional Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Channeler, Remote Viewer, Numerologist who incorporates Vedic Astrology in her work. She has over 35 years of experience. AstroDevi specializes in relationships, numerology and world predictions. Connect today for guidance on your future and clarity regarding your past and present.

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