The Sun Moves into Taurus

Sun In Taurus

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 20th where it will stay until May 21st. Under this influence of the Taurus Sun, you may find yourself with both feet firmly planted on the earth. There could be a groundedness about you, a reliability that makes you feel dependable; your friends know you’re someone to lean on at this time. 

You may also find yourself up early, working long, hard days, producing practical results, and aware of the unhurried natural cycle of life. You could need a kick in the pants to get going, but once you embark on a task or project, your endurance could be remarkable. 

You may work methodically and carefully under this influence, more concerned about quality than cost or time. You will be sensible, pragmatic, and solution-oriented. Security may be of great concern to you, and although you may complain about not having enough money the truth is you probably will have more than you say you do. 

During this transit, you may accumulate possessions or keep collections of things, another expression of the security issue. You may also find yourself being stubborn during this period, clinging rigidly to past ways of doing things even when their time has come and gone. 

The flip side of that stubbornness is loyalty and devotion. You should make it a point to enjoy nature and the outdoors for the next 4 weeks.  For more details about how this cosmic event will effect your life, contact a KEEN advisor for a reading today.

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