Are You Prepared for the Total Lunar Eclipse? – April 4, 2015


Get ready for one awesome total lunar eclipse early Saturday morning April 4th. For the third time in less than a year, the Moon dips into Earth’s shadow, its dazzling white globe turning sunset red right before your eyes.  All eclipses are not-to-miss events, but Saturday’s totality will be the shortest in a century. Brief but beautiful – just like life. 

Unlike the Solar eclipse last month where the moon covered the sun (read about it here), this time all three planets: Sun, Moon and Earth will form a straight line and the moon will be full. The lunar eclipse will begin its motion eastward with a penumbral eclipse at 5:03am EST (this is when the planets begin to align). Then it will continue to move in an exact straight line at 8:00am EST and the moon will be totally full at 8:05 am EST.

Ready to make the most of it?

Lunar eclipses are significant events at a spiritual level. Whether or not you’re wishing for life to change, you can bet that change will likely happen during an eclipse. Eclipses are all about change—dramatic, bold and/or unexpected. Whatever part of your life they affect depends a lot on your solar chart and rising sign chart. A gifted astrologer could help you not only create your chart but interpret it as well. If an eclipse happens in your sun or rising sign, it’s a time to be on the lookout for changes, but they don’t have to occur in your signs to affect you. Another quirky trait of an eclipse is that when a series of eclipses does occur in your sun or rising sign, you can look to the following year to be a major life changer. That could be a birth, a move, a marriage—anything is possible.

An eclipse’s powers are uncontained and show no limits. Also, any major changes that occur during a solar or lunar eclipse are likely to be set in stone, with very little chance for change. They can shed light on secrets and hidden agendas, they can oust people and situations from our lives in a heartbeat and they can do just about anything you can imagine and more. The natural vibration of an eclipse though is not one of blatant destruction or random disruption. Whatever we experience as a result of an eclipse, painful or not, actually lifts us up to the next level of experience, and puts us right where we’re supposed to be. Eclipses are the catalysts of revolution and evolution but can often lead to revelation.

The time for meaningful change is now. Are you ready to make your move? Call a trusted KEEN Astrologer now  and find your true path in life.

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