Venus in Scorpio – December 4th


Venus moves into Scorpio on December 4 where it will stay until December 29. Under the influence of Venus in Scorpio, and depending on how this transit affects the other planets in your chart, you won’t fall into love, you’ll crash into it. When you relate with someone, you’ll do so with gusto and passion, with the depths of your heart and soul. 

At this time, there’ll be no lukewarm or halfway for you in this department. You’ll give your all, and frankly, there’ll be some people who just can’t take it – that’ll be their problem, not yours, and you won’t let anyone make you think otherwise. You won’t hold yourself back. 

During this period focus on romancing and socializing with others who relish in your intensity rather than being ashamed or frightened of it, and you’ll find much happiness and satisfaction in your relationships. Your connections to other people will run so deep that you’ll feel very vulnerable, and besides that, your feelings will get hurt easily. 

With this influence your self-protection mechanism can make you rather shy and reticent about expressing your true feelings and warmth. Just remember though, this influence only lasts a short period of time so make the most of it or otherwise remember it will be over soon!

For a detailed reading on how this cosmic event will affect you, contact an astrologer at today!

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