Virgo Man Aries Woman Compatibility


Well, Aries woman and Virgo man, you might not be one of the most compatible or automatically blessed pairings of the zodiac, but don’t count yourselves out as a couple yet. Whether you’re friends, co-workers, spouses, or in another iteration of a partnership, it is possible to make this work.

But this is a relationship where you really need to let each other be. You should have shared goals — do not force these upon each other — and a great ability to get out of the other person’s way. If one of you tries to control the other, your partnership will suffer, if not end completely. That’s probably not as positive as you’d like to hear, but there’s a reason.

Aries Energy and Virgo Caution

Aries is the first zodiac sign, and it’s got a reputation for beginning things and going after new ideas. That’s all well and good, but Aries also is a cardinal sign, meaning the Aries native starts things but doesn’t always finish. Aries is a real go-getting sign, and Aries women, especially, can be very social. These women are great networkers.

Virgo, on the other hand, is the sign of detail and perfectionism. Virgo is a mutable sign and thus looks at the big picture to tease out details that need to be changed. Virgo men take their time and plan out their activities, and they are generally happier when they can follow their own timeline.

There is a real risk of trouble. Virgo could easily get annoyed at Aries’ need to run off and follow the next big thing, and Aries could get extremely frustrated with Virgo’s need to take care of details or do things in a certain order. That can be way too plodding for an Aries woman.

Shared Goals and Ideas

Occasionally, this pairing can work really well if both partners are going after the same thing (but not competing for that thing — important distinction). For example, Aries is among the athletes of the zodiac, while Virgo is among the health nuts. You two could be pretty good gym partners, with Aries cheering on Virgo during those last few tough repetitions and Virgo helping Aries devise a healthy meal plan.

Or maybe you two are really into travel, with Aries finding all those cool new places to see, and Virgo keeping track of the train and bus schedules needed to get to all those cool places. As long as Virgo leaves enough room for a few schedule changes and open days, and Aries doesn’t pout too much at the idea of following plans (OK, you’re not that bad, Aries, but you do tend to like winging it more than Virgo), you could have a fun time on the road.

But if an Aries woman and Virgo man are trying to furnish a home, and Aries refuses to listen to Virgo’s plans while Virgo wants to list each and every task and do them in the order he’s got listed, you may as well sell the house because you’re not going to get things done efficiently.

Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about what it means to be part of an Aries woman Virgo man pairing.

Elements at Odds

Another point of contention is the element of each sign. Firey Aries and earthy Virgo can scorch and smother each other if they aren’t careful.

But there is a way to turn that around into a positive. Aries’ fire can be enough to keep

Virgo from always doing the same thing each and every day and night, and a change is as good as a rest, as the saying goes. Grounded Virgo can help Aries be more level-headed and relaxed, and Virgo’s home will be a respite for a tired Aries after a long day.

Friends, Work, and Love

If the Aries woman and Virgo man are friends, that’s likely to be the type of relationship that works best. Friendship is very fluid, and if there’s something Aries wants to do that Virgo doesn’t want to do, Aries can find another friend to do it with, and vice versa. This is a really flexible form of partnership that would allow each sign to go its own way when needed.

Work partnerships can do well if there is a shared but non-competitive goal, and if there are additional workers to bridge the gap between Aries’ new plans and Virgo’s reviews. There is a potential for the partnership to dissolve, though, if one partner tries to pull the other too far in the wrong direction. Written contracts that are very detailed are essential for you two. Define your duties and the business’ goal, and be sure there is a good arbitration or mediation process!

The intimacy and closeness that usually go along with being in a romantic relationship may suffer if the two signs can’t get it together. There needs to be a lot of freedom and also a lot of trust. Both signs need to avoid shaming each other for doing things differently, and most importantly, do not force one person to act a certain way! Aries, stop telling Virgo to not worry all the time (he’s going to fret over details anyway, so learn to work around it). Virgo, let Aries handle her own schedule and plans for events that you’re not involved in. Don’t criticize her if she seems to pick up one interest only to drop it quickly for another — if it doesn’t affect your life, let it be.

If you two are really concerned about how to negotiate the potential issues here, get an online astrology reading of both your charts. The more you know about where each planet is and what aspects they all make to each other, the easier it’s going to be for both of you to communicate. This is especially true if there are aspects or placements that make one of you act in ways atypical for your sign.

Aries woman, Virgo man, you’re not doomed, but you do have work ahead of you. Before you decide to call the whole thing off, though, give it a try. You could find that you’re among those partners who turn their contradictions into a fabulous form of support.

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