Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility


When opposite signs attract, compromise and communication are often keys to staying together. Pisces and Virgo are lucky in that sense, as both are considerate, sensitive souls who will go to great lengths to make each other smile. If these two want to make it work, they will enjoy a relationship filled with tenderness and warmth.

There’s just something about Pisces that compels others to take care of her, and this attracts the deeply devoted Virgo. Perhaps it’s her charming vulnerability, or her understated need for constant attention. When paired with a Pisces, it’s only natural for Virgo’s dutiful side to come out, and he’ll express his love with acts of service. This could be doing the dishes, or running her errands, or making sure her coffee is ready in the morning.

If this love language touches her heart, Pisces will give back with selfless abandon. She’s one of the most hopeless romantics in the Zodiac and is often in danger of losing her identity to the one she loves. Because of this, Pisces will need someone who values respect and dignity, and someone who won’t take advantage when she gives her all. Virgo is the type who will make sure his woman never forgets her worth.   

As an Earth sign, Virgo can also keep her grounded, because the emotions of a Pisces – even when motivated by love – can go into overdrive. It can be a roller coaster, especially when her idealistic expectations clash with life’s realities. On the other hand, her positive outlook can provide a nice balance when Virgo becomes stuck in the details. He can think way too much, and this gets in the way of his goals.

When it comes to intimacy, Virgo’s gentleness should never be mistaken for lack of passion. He takes lovemaking seriously, and emotional bonds always win over casual encounters. Once Virgo knows that he can trust his partner, all inhibitions go out the door. It will be in his nature to learn every single one of your desires. He might even help you discover sensations that you never knew existed. Remember that in the bedroom, he aims to please.

And when he does, Pisces will just want more and more of what Virgo has to give. Emotional connections are equally as important to Pisces, and she will reciprocate with unbridled intensity. The best part? She’s a highly intuitive water sign. She can sense her lover’s needs without him ever having to say a word. She’ll know when to let him dominate and when it’s her turn to take control. As their trust and intimacy grows, so will their love.

How Far Can They Go?

Even though Pisces and Virgo are a perfect match in the bedroom, their opposite personalities tend to get in the way. She likes to dream, but he’s focused on tangible details. Virgo always likes to have an action plan, whether at home or at work. This really doesn’t sit well with her fluid nature. While she thinks it’s perfectly fine to take things as they come, Virgo would rather look at all angles. Because Pisces relies on her intuition, she has no patience for those who can’t see the bigger picture, or those who stress too much. To her, the answer always reveals itself, so why worry?

She’s also a ball of emotion, but he’d rather stay away from the drama. When he tries to be helpful by giving her advice about how to organize her life, she might take this a personal attack. No, you’re not a scatterbrain. He just wants you to plan your day better so you won’t have to rush all the time. And no, you’re not bad with money. He just wants you to make a budget so you’ll always have extra for a rainy day. Pisces will need to learn that at his core, Virgo is all about self-improvement. All he wants is the same for his mate.  

Pisces and Virgo are just two very different people, and conflict is only natural. The good thing is, respect and genuine affection come easy for this pair, and both take commitment very seriously. If they want to make their connection last, they will find ways to compromise. They also have very similar ways of expressing their love, which is critical in any relationship. Bottom line? If Pisces and Virgo both want to beat all odds, then place your bets on them showing the world that opposites really do attract!

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