King of Cups Reversed Tarot Card


The king of cups sits proudly on his throne. Even in the midst of a turbulent sea, he sits there in control, with his cup held firmly in his hand. But when the card is reversed, the king is dethroned. With the waves crashing down on him, his control is lost. The reversed king of cups card represents volatility, emotional manipulation, and moodiness. Here is what it means when you see this card appear in your tarot card reading.

Overview of the Reversed King of Cups

When the king of cups is reversed, he is an extremely manipulative and controlling force that will attack you emotionally. He is willing to go to any length to get his way. If things don’t work out the way he intends, he sulks and gets his vengeance through emotional manipulation. This toxic force will make you feel emotionally unstable and uncertain. You likely believe that you are to blame for this problem. But you must find the way to release yourself from the reversed king of cups’ manipulative control.

Emotional Instability

While you may typically be a mature and stable person, the reversed king of cups card may be an indication that you are allowing your emotions to take control of your life. This creates feelings of weakness or inferiority, which can lead to an unhealthy dependence on your romantic relationship or your friends. When allowed to spiral out of control, this emotional instability rapidly grows into a much larger and more intense problem to face. Some people will turn to addictions such as alcohol (just like the cup in the king’s hand) or drugs in an attempt to escape from the emotional pain.


The emotional instability brought by the reversed king of cups may make it hard for you to keep calm when handling stressful situations in the workplace. You may find that your passion for your job is gone. You still manage to go to work in order to claim your paycheck, but your heart is no longer in it. If your career requires any form of creativity or imagination, you may feel as though you have no inspiration or motivation. Your work brings no joy – all you feel is frustration and unhappiness.

Or the emotional instability may cause you to become extremely aggressive at work. When handling a business deal, you have no issues being ruthless to get what you want. Your only concern is making money and advancing your own interests.

Romantic Relationships

The appearance of the reversed king of cups is a big indication of trouble in a relationship. You probably feel confused about your true feelings regarding the relationship. Every day brings something different. One day, everything seems perfect and you feel as though you couldn’t be happier. But then, the next day, you think that you are making a huge mistake. When your emotions are this far out of balance and control, you must be exceedingly careful. If you are up one day and down the next, your partner may be very confused by your mixed messages. Or maybe the card is a sign that you are feeling emotionally cold to the relationship.

In either case, you should maintain some healthy distance until you are able to work through these feelings. Once you regain control of your emotional state, you will be better able to assess the state of your relationship. Perhaps the time has come for the partnership to end. Or, it could just be a temporary time of difficulty in an otherwise good and loving relationship.


The reversed king of cups can also be a sign of sexual confusion. It may appear to someone who is under emotional distress because they are struggling with their sexual orientation. Another potential cause of this emotional distress may be a loss of imagination or libido. In a sexual relationship, a low sex drive will generally make the person feel useless to their lover. This leads them to withdraw further, which only makes the situation worse.

Lurking Scandals

Seeing the reversed king of cups may be a sign of scandalous behaviors in your life. Although everything may appear to be perfectly fine on the surface, there is more going on behind the scenes. These scandals may include dishonesty, underhanded behavior, infidelity, and more.

Time for Action

No matter which area of your life is being affected by this volatility, the reversed king of cups is an indication that time to take action is now. Do whatever is necessary to fix the problems you are facing, so that you can restore control and balance to your life. Stop allowing your emotions to control you, leaving you flipping around like a loose cannon. Step up and take responsibility for your emotional well being.

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