Virgo Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility


The raw and untamed wildness of a Scorpio woman may at first seem incompatible with the patient and analytical nature of a Virgo man, but in many ways, they passively complement each other. The relationship may not be one of ease but, with the enduring, hardworking attitude of Virgo and the intense drive of Scorpio, it is far from impossible to have a fulfilling relationship. The give and take necessary for this relationship to succeed results in one of the more powerful pairings, often leaving no middle ground between divinely fulfilling or frustratingly hopeless. Discovering more about the innate needs and potential desires of your partner’s sign can ease many of the common roadblocks toward success.

Basic Compatibility

Scorpio itself is a sign that manifests in complete passion and drive. True to those traits, the Scorpio woman will put every ounce of her time and energy into what she truly desires. Virgo is far more patient, often declining to rush to judgment, love, and lust. With Virgo endlessly contemplative about every action, a Scorpio woman can be assured their relationship is a real thing when a Virgo finally takes the plunge. The often inhibited and passive nature of Virgo complements the dominant drive of Scorpio well, allowing her to lead and assuaging many of his innate worries.

As a whole, Scorpio women are usually not the contemplative type, which can lead to some frustration in a pairing where one side favors thoughtfulness and perfection. The redeeming factor is that the Virgo man will put his analytical nature to good use, studying his potential partner to learn how best to please her. Both Scorpio and Virgo value loyalty which is a generous bonus to compatibility as long as they do not sink into the realm of jealousy and distrust respectively.

Love And Relationships

A loving relationship between a Virgo man and a Scorpio woman can be captivating when the needs on both sides are fulfilled and respected. Scorpios rarely reveal all of themselves and find holding onto their secrets uniquely comforting. Virgos, on the other hand, are explorative down to the last detail, viewing everything as something to be studied and discovered. With an agreeable amount of give and take, it can be both satisfying and exciting for him to gradually learn more about his waterborne lover. Caution and communication should be used to ensure he doesn’t press too hard. As for Scorpios, the key to relationship success is balancing her emotional needs and drives with his practical and thoughtful approach.

A common misconception is that Virgo men are not as passionate and loving as other signs. In truth, the Virgo man simply needs time as he is not one to rush into love. Initially, it may be difficult for you as an emotionally driven Scorpio woman, but you should not confuse his carefulness with coldness. Remaining devoted will be rewarded with a kind, patient, and hardworking man who values you for more than just looks. For the Virgo man in search of a soul mate, be reasonable and avoid excessive flaw-seeking. Resist the urge to view everything in terms of what works for you and instead consider what works for each other.

With regards to passion and sex, Virgos tend to be true to their virgin traits of shyness as well as anxiety when attempting new things. Scorpio women should work hard to avoid overwhelming their partner, introducing new things gradually. Left to his own devices, the Virgo will frequently opt to stick to what he knows best to shield himself from self-criticism. As Scorpio and Virgo are naturally opposed in many areas, balance is of the utmost importance. Situations with one side accepting unfulfillment in exchange for peace will only result in catastrophe. As with any relationship, communication is the best way to prevent and address issues.

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Working Together

A co-worker or employee/employer relationship is ideal for both signs when the Scorpio woman is in a leadership role. Scorpio women are natural leaders, determined to achieve their goals at any costs. Virgo men are hard workers who value efficiency and skill. A Scorpio boss or co-worker will be pleased to find little need to correct a Virgo employee as he will likely self-correct and improve with surprising efficiency. In the reverse, the ambitious Scorpio may suffer under the sea of criticism aimed at her by her Virgo co-worker. The strict requirements for organization and self-discipline can be overwhelming for a sign that thrives on spontaneous drives.

Naturally, no one is capable of choosing which sign will be their boss, co-worker, or employer. However, it can prove useful to understand the underlying traits and needs should you find yourself in this position. As an emotional sign, consistently heavy criticism can be too much for a Scorpio woman to handle, only serving to worsen the quality of her work. Instead, work to channel her natural, passionate drive with reasonable expectations. Virgos often thrive in any position that involves correction, editing, quality control, and the like. While he is frequently determined to sacrifice all for project perfection, you should be aware of co-workers abusing Virgo’s reluctance to ask for assistance.

Far from the easiest merging of the zodiac, a Virgo man and Scorpio woman offer a slight challenge in the realm of relationships and compatibility. That said, it can be blissfully complementary with a little hard work and communication. The inherent dominance of Scorpio meshes well with the more reserved nature of Virgo, but she should not be reluctant to pass him the reins if he knows a better path. A successful relationship between a Virgo and a Scorpio proves that rationality and emotion need not be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Instead, there is a time and place for both in a happy, healthy relationship.

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