Virgo Man Taurus Woman Compatibility


The Virgo man and Taurus woman are so down to earth that they practically see eye to eye already. In this pairing, even the notoriously picky gaze of the virgin will find it hard to point out flaws in their bullish friend or partner. The Taurus woman certainly has her flaws, as all signs do, but she possesses the steady gentleness that Virgo needs to feel at ease. The Taurus woman may not be the hero he imagined to come and steal his heart, but she is most certainly the one he needs. Compatibility is high and vies for position with their own ideal karmic partners. Their love interest or friendship with each other may lack the tempo of the more reckless members of the zodiac, but it is no less exhilarating and intoxicating. For Virgo men and Taurus women out there wondering why slow and steady wins the race for you and your heart, use this article to gain a unique understanding of the bonds that draw you together.

Basic Compatibility

It is the shared practical nature of the Virgo man and Taurus woman that forms the basis for their wonderful compatibility rating. The bull and the virgin are also both hardworking and endlessly devoted to their loved ones without an ounce of regret. The Virgo man’s innate insecurities are soothed by a sign that keeps to its word and stays by his side even when he is lagging behind with commitment and trust. The shy bull and even shier virgin are undoubtedly a match made in heaven as most of their traits are shared, leaving them unlikely to find anyone who ever fit them the same way. The Taurus woman views vulnerable hearts as something to be treasured and protected, and her defensive horns will never fail to come to the rescue of a Virgo partner. As their most conflicting faults, Virgo can be harshly critical, intentionally aiming for known weaknesses and Taurus can be too stubborn, resisting to spite him even if she knows her partner is correct.

The Virgo man thrives on a nonsense-free approach and will not sugarcoat what he sees whether it is a blessing or a problem to work on. The Taurus woman is the same, speaking plainly though she will seek to use kinder words if at all possible. The two signs differ in end goals, with the Taurus woman seeking luxury earned from her hard work and the Virgo man seeking a moment of supreme perfection in all areas of his life. The bull is clearly the more likely of the two to obtain her dream though she may struggle to coax her partner to share in it with her. Unlike Taurus, Virgo is not the hedonistic type and finds it difficult to put a definite end to work, to allow himself to play. Luckily, the Taurus woman will eventually rub off on him, as he grows to trust her to return all to pristine order after they’ve spent time rolling in the mud together.

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Love And Relationships

The Virgo man and Taurus woman both share a relatively introverted nature but are friendly and open to making new friends. Every relationship they form is built to last the test of time, so one shouldn’t expect a rotating and fresh sea of faces in the social group of either party. Whenever a friend is in need of help, they will come running, dropping all where it stands which says a lot for the devotion of the fiercely organized Virgo man.

The similarities end there, however, as the bull wordlessly offers only assistance, and emotional support while the analytical virgin will be quick to chastise and point out the source of problems once the situation has died down. Neither are poor responses but for those who dislike being judged and matter-of-factly advised. Unfortunately, Virgo men may not be the ideal friend for the Taurus woman when it comes to recreation. As mentioned previously, once the workday is over and the house is in order, the bull loves to laze around and be playful. The virgin, on the other hand, never sees the day as done, and can often view play as some foreign cultural practice. In short, don’t expect Virgo to enjoy your video game sessions with you.

Intimate relationships are where the most growth will occur for the Virgo man and Taurus woman. The virgin only gets better with relationship time and trust. As a strict perfectionist, he inwardly longs to have a moment where he is so smitten that he loses all control and is carried away on the wings of love. Virgo is well-known for being emotionally insecure and sexually inhibited which can on rare occasions lead to a dead bedroom with a poor match. The Taurus woman effectively eliminates this possibility with her penchant for showering her partner in love. She is a die-hard romantic and doesn’t seek sex solely for release. Instead, she is sensual and patient which really brings out the sexual side of the Virgo man. Sex is a time where the bull shows the most emotion, affection, and lavishing of attention and it is very much a mandatory aspect to the happiness of any Taurus regardless of gender. While crazy kinks are unlikely, satisfaction is all but guaranteed for both sides.

Working Together

Virgo men are just as hardworking as Taurus women even if their end goals differ. The Taurus woman works hard to fulfill her dreams of luxury and the high-life. She expects nothing to be handed to her and will refuse to take any shortcuts. She patiently waits for the day where she can relax for good as a dragon on a pile of gold, surrendering fully to a life of pleasure. Virgo men work for their innate needs of perfection and order. There is no real end goal, but they take immense pride in what they have managed to complete. There is no love lost between coworkers and Virgo in the latter’s absence as he is notoriously controlling, bossy and a perfectionist. Taurus women tend to excel at any position and are beloved as a manager or supervisor. Together, they will function well as neither is a slacker.

Virgo men with Taurus women present a great match, and there should be no expectation of trouble. Their similarities often overwhelm any differences that can cause headbutting and discord. Practicality and simplicity can be expected with no facades or unquenchable desires thrown into the mix. Happiness is to be expected, and it won’t take long for the gentler traits of the bull to rub off on the virgin, and that is always a good thing. If you’re looking for a relationship that is built to last and moves at a leisurely pace, this should be your first stop.

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