by Psychic Draven Grey

With summer approaching an expeditious end, I thought it would be a good time to go over the different astrological events that will be forthcoming between now and the end of Fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, and so comes the shorter days ahead, but with the longer nights imminent, there are a lot of astrological events to look forward to, which will be able to create a stronger stance of balance, especially in terms of finances and career, with a few that will have a more direct effect in terms of love and relationships, if positions of change can be properly prepared for.

The entirety of this article is a bit lengthy, so I have broken it up into parts, which will correspond the dates as well as the placement of the planets. My intention is writing this is to shed some light on some of the more challenging aspects of the astrological shifts ahead through change, by virtue of seeing the truth before our eyes, is upon us in the Zodiac and that this article will properly outline these challenges, giving an easier trajectory to follow as we prepare to spend time with family and loved ones during the last stretch of the year.

There are always contradictory positions in astrology, which is part of how the Universe keeps itself balanced, and so the entirety of what is occurring at any given time, between two or more planets, will provide stronger insight into the events that would be deemed contradictory. For example, Venus in Libra will have a contrary stance to the Sun in Scorpio, which can cause balance between these two sets of positions.

For those that find change to be easy, and can navigate transformative events in life with a steady wind through their sails, the end of the year will prove to be very easy for you, but for anyone that resists change, detests it, and finds it to be disruptive, then you will be in for a bumpy ride. Planning for such events, though, can help with what can be expected, and it can help to clear the air, causing a more tranquil flow of energy, as you move downstream.

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About the Author:

Psychic Draven Grey has been part of the Keen community since April 2004. He has done readings professionally since 2000. He uses Tarot and Astrology in conjunction with his natural abilities of clairvoyance and empathy. He has a great love in helping others find their way towards love and happiness.

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